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Placing on the role. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream placing on the role. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

role played 22
Meaning of the dream: try to be more humble

playing a part 80
Description: resourcefulness

placing children 33
Interpretation of the dream: news from people far away

placing capital 90
Translation: unrealistic ideas

image on paper 74
Dream description: deception by a friend

stain on paper 5
Meaning: difficulty of work

paper filing 52
Translation of the dream: restlessness and doubts

roll 37
Interpretation: exaggerated pride

via putting on good 30
Sense of the dream: firm decision

wastepaper 14
What does it mean: discontent passengers

confetti 5
Meaning of the dream: bad success of a major deal with loss of money

bagging paper 16
Description: loves passengers

paper 35
Interpretation of the dream: novelty which concerns a person from time away

Daily newspaper 3
Translation: deceptive appearances

graph paper 63
Dream description: New appointments

drawing paper 76
Meaning: sadness and loneliness

toilet paper 33
Translation of the dream: economic prosperity

paper money 55
Interpretation: gossip and slander

fine paper 62
Sense of the dream: attention to car crashes

moldy paper 51
What does it mean: businesses difficult

printed paper 61
Meaning of the dream: good faith

ruled paper 83
Description: considered action

cut paper 55
Interpretation of the dream: unclear situation

burnish paper 10
Translation: good luck

dirty paper 5
Dream description: high hopes

paper curl 26
Meaning: error in judgment

burn paper 86
Translation of the dream: changes in position

stamped paper 15
Interpretation: trouble with relatives

gold paper 32
Sense of the dream: end of a concern

burned paper 27
What does it mean: boring meetings

sand paper 29
Meaning of the dream: troubling events

parchment paper 56
Description: late news

foil torn 43
Interpretation of the dream: passionate character

calender paper 26
Translation: crushes

swallow paper 83
Dream description: inner serenity

carve paper 63
Meaning: disagreements with your loved one

moisten paper 73
Translation of the dream: Good news

Ministerial paper 10
Interpretation: good luck

writing paper 14
Sense of the dream: days of depression

paper shade 72
What does it mean: willingness weak

waxed paper 9
Meaning of the dream: grave insult

heaping paper 34
Description: exhibitionism exaggerated

wrapping paper 10
Interpretation of the dream: recognition of a right

selling paper 21
Translation: bad purchases

paper clips 45
Dream description: improve relationships with people

carbon paper 9
Meaning: test of courage

paper bag 67
Translation of the dream: vivid imagination

tear paper 88
Interpretation: original ideas

supporting actor 4
Sense of the dream: inconvenience to jealousy

silver paper 31
What does it mean: joy short-lived

illustrated paper 11
Meaning of the dream: work hard

ordinary paper 37
Description: lack of clarity in the work

paper carving 14
Interpretation of the dream: melancholic period

Paper garland 40
Translation: sudden illness

paper cutouts 5
Dream description: appearances deceive

roll paper 56
Meaning: undue alarm

paper mat 17
Translation of the dream: expenses limit

Paper Warehouse 59
Interpretation: little success