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Donut with a hole. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream donut with a hole. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

donut with a hole 78
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

donut with chocolate 78
Description: good intentions

cut the donut 36
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

fresh donut 11
Translation: sad separation

fried donut 49
Dream description: dignity and command

plug a hole 4
Meaning: emotional arousal

donut 72
Translation of the dream: dangerous changes

hole 40
Interpretation: misfortune, bad luck

donut battered 43
Sense of the dream: meet ease gain

egg donut 20
What does it mean: infirmity

donut burned 37
Meaning of the dream: when advantageous

broken donut 3
Description: minor setbacks

offer the donut 40
Interpretation of the dream: superficial love

rubber donut 30
Translation: visits to relatives

rescue donut 19
Dream description: tranquility and well-being

sweet donut 8
Meaning: dangerous changes

raw donut 15
Translation of the dream: Waiting in vain

little hole 47
Interpretation: prosperous business

make a hole 4
Sense of the dream: you are close to a legacy

make the donut 83
What does it mean: productive activity

donut fruit 76
Meaning of the dream: Period of nervousness

hole of crabs 61
Description: family disgrace

padded donut 31
Interpretation of the dream: end of hostilities

fall into a hole 15
Translation: disease

sugar donut 87
Dream description: protection of elderly

donut milk 42
Meaning: constancy in action

red shrimp take the hole 42
Translation of the dream: wrong operation

hole dead 45
Interpretation: trip likely

buy the donut 18
Sense of the dream: jealousies and suspicions

eat the donut 16
What does it mean: failure

wooden donut 86
Meaning of the dream: good achievements

put in the hole 6
Description: small problems to solve

dig a hole 55
Interpretation of the dream: debts to pay

hole shrimp 36
Translation: Discussions with an elderly person

hole of the court 55
Dream description: disturbing thoughts

prompter in the hole 83
Meaning: mental laziness

dunking donuts 65
Translation of the dream: does not devote sufficient attention to your love life

fox hole 39
Interpretation: loss of security

watering hole with women 17
Sense of the dream: desire to escape

watering hole with animals 81
What does it mean: something in your life does not go as you wanted

watering hole with horses 68
Meaning of the dream: interesting journey

watering hole with oxen 54
Description: next aid

watering hole with poultry 81
Interpretation of the dream: deception of friends

watering hole with men 56
Translation: nice meeting

watering hole with birds 33
Dream description: momentary difficulties

watering hole with pigeons 6
Meaning: mistrust and pessimism

bake donuts 60
Translation of the dream: unjustified animosity

bag with holes 57
Interpretation: wealth

linens with holes 11
Sense of the dream: indigence

manhole closed 68
What does it mean: repentance useless

salt cod fritters 50
Meaning of the dream: unexpected aid

collar 64
Description: numerous honors

a sore for a wound 39
Interpretation of the dream: new charge of vitality

pierce 54
Translation: whims and fears

peephole of the door 59
Dream description: stress caused by overwork

Cream bagels 76
Meaning: great success

dough for donuts 65
Translation of the dream: something or someone you admire