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Place buses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream place buses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

place tie 50
Meaning of the dream: prosperity earned

beautiful place 5
Description: health ailments passengers

seize place 6
Interpretation of the dream: disloyalty on the part of a woman

hoarding a place 12
Translation: happiness upset

exotic place 88
Dream description: bitter experience

place of memories 4
Meaning: slow improvement

place to place 16
Translation of the dream: enmity

place card 59
Interpretation: limits must ports

dark place 19
Sense of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

recognize a place 68
What does it mean: from health check

place of honor 23
Meaning of the dream: joy

drive buses 87
Description: Useful experiences

resign from one place 25
Interpretation of the dream: remarkable self-control

reconnoiter a place of day 23
Translation: malevolent criticism

board buses 52
Dream description: Good news

lovely place 70
Meaning: dangers

buses broke 55
Translation of the dream: radical change

go to an unknown place 4
Interpretation: Merry Company

dry place 63
Sense of the dream: worries

important place 8
What does it mean: unrest and persecution

maneuver buses 49
Meaning of the dream: goodness

reconnoiter a place at night 4
Description: romance exaggerated

solitude remote place 42
Interpretation of the dream: thoughts and worries

meet in a strange place partners 15
Translation: you do not know you

scary place but do not feel dismay 15
Dream description: all proceed by the best in the business

place of combat 47
Meaning: I will support happily proof

stopping place 86
Translation of the dream: new combination of work

crowded place of people 4
Interpretation: many business views

reach a place 46
Sense of the dream: Pending disturbing

importance of a high place 2
What does it mean: exaggerated enthusiasm

place on record 64
Meaning of the dream: excellent projects

flowering place for party or recurrence 88
Description: incoming letter very useful for you

to wander from one place to another 80
Interpretation of the dream: search of truth

put something in its place 86
Translation: good prospect of better times

abad in a public place 47
Dream description: Danger averted

cackle in a public place 68
Meaning: success in work

come from far away place 55
Translation of the dream: blessing and good luck

bus crashes 48
Interpretation: penis secret

rim bus 27
Sense of the dream: trading relations

dance in a public place 12
What does it mean: next happiness

change the venue 17
Meaning of the dream: next trip

bus 27
Description: temporary setback in achieving your personal goals

empty bus 31
Interpretation of the dream: Councils concerned

crowded bus 4
Translation: meetings annoying

trolley buses on fire 36
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

bus full 85
Meaning: good health

bus (coach) 66
Translation of the dream: happy travels

bus catches fire 45
Interpretation: the number indicates that it will see that the years of suffering that pass again

bus that invests 26
Sense of the dream: plenty of money