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Pigs blacks and whites. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pigs blacks and whites. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pigs 15
Meaning of the dream: sloth and avarice

pigs in the pigsty 60
Description: a relative miser

peel pigs 41
Interpretation of the dream: projects impossible to achieve

pigs killed 66
Translation: need distension

raise pigs 67
Dream description: you fall in bad temptations

dark hair 3
Meaning: differences in family

gloves blacks 15
Translation of the dream: Unexpected failure

eyes blacks 43
Interpretation: business complex to be solved

figs blacks 12
Sense of the dream: commitments embarrassing

mustache blacks 25
What does it mean: thwarted love

white chrysanthemums 53
Meaning of the dream: proof of love

shrimp blacks 80
Description: tenacious rancor

fatten pigs 28
Interpretation of the dream: situation stable

castrate pigs 10
Translation: sorrows passengers

hair black 7
Dream description: contacts to resume

black lashes 27
Meaning: risky business

truffles blacks 90
Translation of the dream: clarification difficult

lawn with pigs 41
Interpretation: negative attitudes

trough with pigs 40
Sense of the dream: laziness, dirt

see many pigs 35
What does it mean: You do brisk business

horses blacks 39
Meaning of the dream: harassment

white gloves 68
Description: important protections

White Lilies 22
Interpretation of the dream: happy hours and serene

slaughter pigs 67
Translation: risky business

trousers blacks 73
Dream description: rumors from a friend

herd of pigs 30
Meaning: embarrassment in a choice

team of horses blacks 89
Translation of the dream: risky business

barn with pigs 40
Interpretation: luck in the game

white mice 78
Sense of the dream: good relations

white tulips 44
What does it mean: small difficulty

white hair and long 87
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

white eyelashes 52
Description: security and sobriety

beans blacks 68
Interpretation of the dream: desires achievable

white buttercups 80
Translation: contrasts with a child

feeding pigs 82
Dream description: sacrifices to bear

white horses 10
Meaning: joy

white hairs 70
Translation of the dream: union inconstant

black teeth 14
Interpretation: external protection

pair of white horses 61
Sense of the dream: unexpected luck

white teeth 1
What does it mean: lucky fate

white radishes 6
Meaning of the dream: jealousy and suspicion

white trousers 63
Description: unwelcome surprises

White hair 45
Interpretation of the dream: notoriety and success

white sheep 62
Translation: intense friendships

white mustache 90
Dream description: economic prosperity

white eyebrows 20
Meaning: health hazard

white rags 74
Translation of the dream: indecision

white tatters 21
Interpretation: quiet life

white flowers 30
Sense of the dream: overcome difficulties

black shoes 81
What does it mean: profitable activities

black figs 90
Meaning of the dream: Accept envy

black sideburns 81
Description: you are arrogant

black yarn 25
Interpretation of the dream: rules to be respected

white shoes 6
Translation: exciting novelty

beans white 3
Dream description: declining health

white dragees 9
Meaning: lack of courage

white socks 11
Translation of the dream: diplomacy with superiors

white doves 7
Interpretation: fortune

white nails 46
Sense of the dream: good health

white feathers 60
What does it mean: good friendships

white sandals 5
Meaning of the dream: ability to adapt