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Pastor who baptizes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream pastor who baptizes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pastor who baptizes 16
Meaning of the dream: hopes

priest baptizes 16
Description: new hope

pastor who preaches 61
Interpretation of the dream: expressions of sympathy

pastor from dying 9
Translation: profits and satisfaction

canon pastor 37
Dream description: spiritual enlightenment

pastor blessing 41
Meaning: love for beauty

pastor in church 5
Translation of the dream: protections visible and invisible

bishop pastor 8
Interpretation: quarrels with family

pastor who sells cheese 4
Sense of the dream: realization pleased

pastor attacked 40
What does it mean: oppression

parish priest who marries 44
Meaning of the dream: misfortunes

shepherd 12
Description: joy in family

parish priest who celebrates Mass 5
Interpretation of the dream: authoritative interventions

robbed shepherd 43
Translation: sick passenger

parish priest who celebrates a marriage 24
Dream description: momentum in activity

parish priest at the altar 43
Meaning: carried providential

parish priest at a funeral 86
Translation of the dream: renewed vitality

shepherd's hut 16
Interpretation: intense social life

parson 22
Sense of the dream: blessings and honors

shepherd with dog 24
What does it mean: sincere affection

shepherd with flock 15
Meaning of the dream: successes flattering

Shepherd with lamb 48
Description: moment of mental weakness

shepherd assaulted by a wolf 41
Interpretation of the dream: minor glitches

horseback Shepherd 75
Translation: Danger averted

parish priest in procession 79
Dream description: positive success

Shepherd milking 2
Meaning: lucrative job

parish priest in the confessional 63
Translation of the dream: psychological acumen

parish priest in the sacristy 82
Interpretation: situation easier

priest reading his breviary 68
Sense of the dream: organizational capacity

religious baptizing 16
What does it mean: new perspectives

priest who is set 67
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral joy

priest who teaches 10
Description: excellent proposals

Jesuit priest who says Mass 53
Interpretation of the dream: crime

priest who celebrates Mass 5
Translation: supports important

priest who confesses 63
Dream description: understanding for others

priest who preaches 61
Meaning: good relationships with others

young priest 53
Translation of the dream: urgent need

priest who celebrates a marriage 24
Interpretation: profitable activities

priest who scandalizes 4
Sense of the dream: no confidence in people

priest who blesses 41
What does it mean: esthetic sense

archpriest who marries 60
Meaning of the dream: changing character

gardener who hoe 25
Description: next news

king who flees 28
Interpretation of the dream: good intuition

knight who falls 89
Translation: risky business

worker who falls 14
Dream description: opposition from a young

abbess who works 47
Meaning: dangerous illusions

dancer who falls 59
Translation of the dream: expected surprise

robber who fights 40
Interpretation: romances

gardener who cleans 4
Sense of the dream: joy as a conquest

drunk who laughs 63
What does it mean: depth of thought

bricklayer who falls 7
Meaning of the dream: protections equivocal

farmer who hoe 25
Description: increase in shareholders