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Parent reborn. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream parent reborn. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

parent drowned 65
Meaning of the dream: useful collaboration

brutal parent 24
Description: liberation from concerns

good parent 19
Interpretation of the dream: overwhelming logic

slander a parent 41
Translation: Excessive volatility

bad parent 55
Dream description: given proper credit to those around you

delegate a parent 10
Meaning: emotional stability

replicate the parent 6
Translation of the dream: solution that late

blackmail a parent 76
Interpretation: bitterness from sons

stoop to the parent 11

including parent 90

parent oppressive 88

abusive parent 74
Description: someone restrains your every initiative

co-parent in-laws 82
Interpretation of the dream: problems or misunderstandings

leave parents 30
Translation: misery

embrace parents 4
Dream description: benefit

caress parents 43
Meaning: great fortune

angry with parents 6
Translation of the dream: Next satisfaction

alarm parents 2
Interpretation: lasting achievements

away from their parents 6
Sense of the dream: desire to escape

Loving Parents 52
What does it mean: understanding in the working environment

parental authority 6
Meaning of the dream: need for adaptations

grumble with parents 52
Description: understanding in love

parting from parents 9
Interpretation of the dream: financial mess

consult parents 4
Translation: sentimental disillusions

contradict parents 16
Dream description: sacrifices for sentimental reasons

dinner with parents 76
Meaning: want made

detest parents 35
Translation of the dream: difficult relationship

sorrow for parents 3
Interpretation: changes in family

disturb parents 27
Sense of the dream: loss of energy

disobedient to parents 14
What does it mean: disordered impulses

foster parents 31
Meaning of the dream: pleasure trip

parents 9
Description: good luck and safety for the future

living parents 36
Interpretation of the dream: protections

parents dead 42
Translation: delight

see parents die 24
Dream description: sudden misfortune

justified by parents 57
Meaning: inner conflicts

deceive parents 46
Translation of the dream: restlessness and malaise

insult parents 58
Interpretation: senseless actions

mistreating parents 10
Sense of the dream: serious internal conflict

lying to parents 46
What does it mean: enmities dangerous

grandparents 79
Meaning of the dream: wisdom

see grandparents 17
Description: useful tips

talking to their grandparents 45
Interpretation of the dream: industry recognized

paternal grandparents 10
Translation: perspicacity in business

maternal grandparents 12
Dream description: ability to convince

grandparents smiling 15
Meaning: requited love

grandparents who weep 71
Translation of the dream: discussion controversy

grandparents frowning 43
Interpretation: superficiality harmful

dead grandparents 70
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

obeying parents 75
What does it mean: search of freedom