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Paper. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream paper. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

paper 35
Meaning of the dream: novelty which concerns a person from time away

moldy paper 51
Description: businesses difficult

dirty paper 5

stamped paper 15
Translation: trouble with relatives

ordinary paper 37

real paper 77

colored paper 64
Translation of the dream: danger of hostilities

macerated paper 50

scratch paper 46

gum paper 42

parchment paper 56
Meaning of the dream: late news

bagging paper 16
Description: loves passengers

printed paper 61
Interpretation of the dream: good faith

cut paper 55
Translation: unclear situation

burnish paper 10

burn paper 86
Meaning: changes in position

calender paper 26

swallow paper 83

carve paper 63

moisten paper 73

drawing paper 76

heaping paper 34

selling paper 21
Interpretation of the dream: bad purchases

tear paper 88
Translation: original ideas

Ministerial paper 10

painter paper 27

paper shade 72
Translation of the dream: willingness weak

paste paper 38
Interpretation: friendships to resume

crumple paper 35
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and money

trim paper 55
What does it mean: new ideas

paper filing 52
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and doubts

paper carving 14

paper mat 17
Interpretation of the dream: expenses limit

writing paper 14
Translation: days of depression

papal paper 9

ruled paper 83
Meaning: considered action

graph paper 63

imperial paper 10

fine paper 62

illustrated paper 11
What does it mean: work hard

music paper 90

Paper bomb 90

waxed paper 9

buy paper 76
Translation: passion and ambition

five sheets of paper 21

wrapping paper 10
Meaning: recognition of a right

gold paper 32
Translation of the dream: end of a concern

sand paper 29
Interpretation: troubling events

manufacture paper 2
Sense of the dream: danger shunned

Paper garland 40
What does it mean: sudden illness

roll paper 56
Meaning of the dream: undue alarm

Paper Warehouse 59

paper cutouts 5
Interpretation of the dream: appearances deceive

filter paper 31
Translation: good deals

bale of paper 24
Dream description: Earnings Surprise

bonfire of paper 69
Meaning: nostalgia and dissatisfaction

paper flowers 80
Translation of the dream: hopes dashed

fireplace with paper 67
Interpretation: support to be given to a young man

paper model 56

strip of paper 8
What does it mean: injustice

paper streamer 36
Meaning of the dream: trouble passengers

paper roses 77
Description: volubility and pitfalls

burned paper 27
Interpretation of the dream: boring meetings

fold the paper 7
Translation: wishes fulfilled

paper curl 26

carbon paper 9
Meaning: test of courage

tearing a paper 9
Translation of the dream: non-resistance

silver paper 31
Interpretation: joy short-lived

sheet of paper 35
Sense of the dream: heredity

image on paper 74
What does it mean: deception by a friend

stain on paper 5
Meaning of the dream: difficulty of work

tissue paper 19
Description: effort and work

paper factory 49
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity of your business