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Caress her sister. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream caress her sister. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

caress her sister 4
Meaning of the dream: impatience environment

caress the cheek 65
Description: obstinacy harmful

caress the mother 12
Interpretation of the dream: gains with work

caress the child 35
Translation: Useful experiences

caress his father 24
Dream description: new energy

caress his wife 32
Meaning: confusing situation

caress her lover 16
Translation of the dream: threats from enemies

caress a man 28
Interpretation: aid

stroking her sister 21
Sense of the dream: new forces

imprison her sister 90
What does it mean: sorrows and worries

fondle himself 21
Meaning of the dream: flattery

abandoned by her sister 33
Description: Councils concerned

call her sister 81
Interpretation of the dream: concerns falling

see his sister 7
Translation: mentality practice

marry his sister 11
Dream description: news by letter

fondle her husband 33
Meaning: Safety in love

loving sister 15
Translation of the dream: return of money

younger sister 28
Interpretation: disagreement with her mother

sister of milk 23
Sense of the dream: new friends

sister drowned 23
What does it mean: conflicts and quarrels

dead sister 27
Meaning of the dream: Good news and novelties

older sister 30
Description: pride and courage

sister married 13
Interpretation of the dream: actions inconsistent

widowed sister 58
Translation: supports secrets

insult sister 78
Dream description: desire to escape

sister alive 78
Meaning: willingness stubborn

altercation with sister 27
Translation of the dream: You have regard for a person

sister 26
Interpretation: a person who loves will be of great help

fondle children 11
Sense of the dream: discomforts

fondle her boyfriend 87
What does it mean: delays and problems

confide to his sister 8
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

caress brother 60
Description: postponement of projects

nursing sister 43
Interpretation of the dream: mishaps at work

pet a friend 22
Translation: good wishes

resemble sister 23
Dream description: mental clarity

heir sister 40
Meaning: uncertainties about the future

caress 61
Translation of the dream: negative feelings

Sister of Charity 20
Interpretation: astuteness

caress relatives 38
Sense of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

arrest of sister 72
What does it mean: combativeness

arrival of sister 6
Meaning of the dream: confidence and sincerity

caress parents 43
Description: great fortune

Brother and sister of charity 20
Interpretation of the dream: craftiness

pet the dog 19
Translation: faithfulness

stroking an animal 11
Dream description: opposition to jealousy

caressing a woman 11
Meaning: treachery

caress of beasts 27
Translation of the dream: change of program

petting a giraffe 61
Interpretation: too much clutter in your work

caress of friends 36
Sense of the dream: ideas to be implemented

caress of enemies 41
What does it mean: intellectual interests

stroking an enemy 12
Meaning of the dream: happiness contrasted

stroking man 29
Description: desire for freedom

mercy caressing 1
Interpretation of the dream: exaggerated enthusiasm

caressing arms 78
Translation: great misfortune and sadness

petting dogs 70
Dream description: various dangers

stroking wife 54
Meaning: difficulty