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Open white sheets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream open white sheets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dirty sheets 68
Meaning of the dream: critic situation

white sheep 62
Description: intense friendships

white teeth 1
Interpretation of the dream: lucky fate

White clouds 5
Translation: serenity

white whiskers 38
Dream description: you do not comply

engage sheets 80
Meaning: need for caution

torn sheets 56
Translation of the dream: risks inadvisable

white eyelashes 52
Interpretation: security and sobriety

open arms 27
Sense of the dream: fights with enemies

white nails 46
What does it mean: good health

white mice 78
Meaning of the dream: good relations

white socks 11
Description: diplomacy with superiors

open shutters 18
Interpretation of the dream: serious danger averted

roll up the sheets 5
Translation: love of neighbor

White Lilies 22
Dream description: happy hours and serene

white patches 8
Meaning: arrival of relatives

open gate 16
Translation of the dream: major changes

crisp linens 35
Interpretation: donation from a relative

buy white grapes 32
Sense of the dream: minor accident

white eyebrows 20
What does it mean: health hazard

white chrysanthemums 53
Meaning of the dream: proof of love

white gloves 68
Description: important protections

white sheet 13
Interpretation of the dream: oddities mood

white shoes 6
Translation: exciting novelty

white doves 7
Dream description: fortune

white doors 36
Meaning: excellent job prospects

white flowers 30
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

hemming sheets 17
Interpretation: pitfall to be avoided

white grapes 32
Sense of the dream: ambitious projects

mussels open 77
What does it mean: big gains from games of chance

white goats 2
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

white sandals 5
Description: ability to adapt

white truffles 88
Interpretation of the dream: encouragement flattering

White skin 77
Translation: love happy

sewing sheets 55
Dream description: aid determinants

white tie 40
Meaning: like surprises

white chapel 50
Translation of the dream: projects to be pursued

very white teeth 23
Interpretation: very positive period

white roses 3
Sense of the dream: good decision

mending sheets 14
What does it mean: resumption of activities

Cloth sheets 86
Meaning of the dream: hard problems

white cloud 49
Description: usury

throw open windows 40
Interpretation of the dream: new love relationships

Baby cot sheets 14
Translation: good news coming

white base 11
Dream description: pipe dreams

open furniture 14
Meaning: thoughtlessness

open trap 55
Translation of the dream: extrovert

open gap 19
Interpretation: intimate satisfactions

white hair and long 87
Sense of the dream: good wishes

open latch 37
What does it mean: speculations very risky and dangerous

open wardrobe 9
Meaning of the dream: next ailments

open umbrella 43
Description: adaptability and fortune

open sale 41
Interpretation of the dream: surprises and gifts

white horses 10
Translation: joy

pair of white horses 61
Dream description: unexpected luck

white hairs 70
Meaning: union inconstant

harvest of white grapes 11
Translation of the dream: final settlement