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Straw umbrella. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream straw umbrella. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

umbrella 59
Meaning of the dream: You will not aid in the expected difficult occasion, sadness and despair

lay down on straw 45
Description: lasting joy

threshing with straw 6
Interpretation of the dream: honor deserved

amass straw 11
Translation: events pleased

armful of straw 15
Dream description: emotional complications

fall in the straw 27
Meaning: prudence with neighbors

straw hat 15
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

lie on the straw 76
Interpretation: weak health

sheaf of straw 11
Sense of the dream: embarrassing situation

drinking straw 20
What does it mean: watched by many people who are close

fiasco without straw 65
Meaning of the dream: risky business to avoid

bundle of straw 86
Description: penalty

straw bundles 25
Interpretation of the dream: setbacks and obstacles

chopped straw 17
Translation: economic concerns

collect straw 84
Dream description: embarrassing situation

burn the straw 46
Meaning: dangerous business

straw burning 23
Translation of the dream: challenges to overcome

straw hats 37
Interpretation: that appearances are deceiving

chair of straw 85
Sense of the dream: new relationship

rake the straw 2
What does it mean: trip postponed

turn the straw 21
Meaning of the dream: talk out of envy

broom straw 49
Description: gains that fade

lie down on the straw 75
Interpretation of the dream: union serene

layer of straw 52
Translation: trouble with relatives

straw braid 16
Dream description: challenging decision

chapel of straw 29

load straw 80

sleeping on straw 80

straw rope 71

straw cushion 26

straw mattress 64

open umbrella 43
Description: adaptability and fortune

close the umbrella 26
Interpretation of the dream: lack of confidence

buy umbrella 79
Translation: Solid business

losing the umbrella 18
Dream description: confidence misplaced

forget your umbrella 44
Meaning: physical fatigue

give the umbrella 81
Translation of the dream: pleasant meeting

break umbrella 13
Interpretation: triumph over difficulties

walk with umbrella 40
Sense of the dream: weighting and prudence

beach umbrella 12
What does it mean: efforts rewarded

umbrella from the sun 31
Meaning of the dream: being conquered

umbrella man 62
Description: harmful interference

umbrella Women 49
Interpretation of the dream: discord with friends

broken umbrella 34
Translation: imbalance nervous

black umbrella 63
Dream description: referrals required

colorful umbrella 81
Meaning: original viewpoints

umbrella without a handle 40
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

apple umbrella 51
Interpretation: missed opportunity

pay umbrella 16
Sense of the dream: prudence exaggerated

break an umbrella 89
What does it mean: obstinacy

unleash umbrella 18
Meaning of the dream: happy family life

lose umbrella 88
Description: confidence misplaced

find an umbrella 55
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant meeting

umbrella sheath 12

closed umbrella 65

travel umbrella 80

cotton umbrella 71

silk umbrella 68

large umbrella 5

small umbrella 11

set fire to straw 56
Meaning of the dream: misfortune

umbrella with an ivory handle 65
Description: exchange of courtesies

umbrella with gold handle 28
Interpretation of the dream: rigid moralism

umbrella with silver handles 19
Translation: postponement of a trip

overstrain 17
Dream description: secret pain

crowds of strangers 81
Meaning: slander foiled

harboring strangers 67
Translation of the dream: winning the game

stay strangers 67
Interpretation: winning the game

illustrated almanac 12
Sense of the dream: fertile imagination

demonstration of altruism 8
What does it mean: serenity conquered

frustrated ambition 64
Meaning of the dream: next fortune

administrator 79
Description: lack of tenacity in work

honest administrator 60
Interpretation of the dream: lack of tenacity in work

property administrator 4
Translation: need for new responsibilities

Administrator stealing 20
Dream description: male admiration

administrator who flees 21
Meaning: resistance to work

I love stranded 38
Translation of the dream: business trip