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Need to poverty. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream need to poverty. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

need to poverty 31
Meaning of the dream: future wealth

unknown poverty 28
Description: many friendships

abhor poverty 20
Interpretation of the dream: fame and fortune

certificate of poverty 72
Translation: sudden sense of security

desperate to poverty 56
Dream description: not to dramatize events

dried for poverty 32
Meaning: decline of physical energy

vow of poverty 68
Translation of the dream: high hopes

reduced to poverty 14
Interpretation: unexpected gain

need 31
Sense of the dream: wealth

sweet need 34
What does it mean: bread

poverty 33
Meaning of the dream: luck and progress in all fields

fill a need 34
Description: money coming

penury 4
Interpretation of the dream: loss next

body needs 71
Translation: dangerous actions

require proof 62
Dream description: programs hindered

accurate project 84
Meaning: small defeat

lie for need 78
Translation of the dream: intrigue

require identity 72
Interpretation: you need security

require an answer 23
Sense of the dream: initiatives guess

require the installment 50
What does it mean: new interests

require a guarantee 76
Meaning of the dream: to avoid friction

want 5
Description: there is something missing in your life

require payment 3
Interpretation of the dream: very interesting appointment

have to own a domestic service 6
Translation: hampered projects

have what it takes 85
Dream description: new sensations

moved to pity 29
Meaning: lack of privacy

must drink 66
Translation of the dream: easy adventures

clock that stands back 64
Interpretation: renunciation of the struggle

overdose 65
Sense of the dream: anger excesses

walk backwards 76
What does it mean: You have little incentive in a situation

be or belong to a hospice 38
Meaning of the dream: joy in family

having modesty 66
Description: something blocks your personality

desired destitution 27
Interpretation of the dream: carried providential

mountain man who goes to town 40
Translation: sudden realization

invite to dance 37
Dream description: fatal encounter

being sent to someone 18
Meaning: heavy responsibility

point out a mistake 63
Translation of the dream: lite in friendship

indicate the square 40
Interpretation: little concern

indicate the cinema 68
Sense of the dream: solid friendships

talk to mummy 79
What does it mean: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

fall into an ash 34
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

housing requirement 19
Description: a lot of trouble

reduced to reason 82
Interpretation of the dream: important proposals

junk shop that sells 26
Translation: high hopes

indicate a person 58
Dream description: new events

giving apples to other 28
Meaning: great fortune

blush of shame 29
Translation of the dream: betrayal of a friend

turn to turin 37
Interpretation: soon you will be rewarded in your honest and goodness

turn to milan 26
Sense of the dream: painful events

turn to bologna 45
What does it mean: contrasts to overcome

themselves indicate a shortcut 2
Meaning of the dream: listen and use the experience of others