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Nausea cake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nausea cake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

nausea 10
Meaning of the dream: results stimulants

cake 3
Description: misery

take the cake 3
Interpretation of the dream: shrewdness in business

get the cake 88
Translation: efforts with a happy ending

slice of cake 6
Dream description: family party

shaped cake 16
Meaning: unenthusiastically

cutting the cake 42
Translation of the dream: excessive caution

give the cake 8
Interpretation: precarious economic situation

Chocolate Cake 40
Sense of the dream: physical discomfort

wedding cake 3
What does it mean: happy moments

layer cake 12
Meaning of the dream: joys family

make the cake 83
Description: satisfaction and rest

bake the cake 10
Interpretation of the dream: love declaration

buy cake 54
Translation: new opportunities

serve the cake 74
Dream description: lifelong friends

cut the cake 22
Meaning: next trip

eat cake 60
Translation of the dream: good health

wax cake 30
Interpretation: non-resistance

crumble cake 89
Sense of the dream: generosity and courage

cocoa cake 43
What does it mean: quiet privacy

cake with cocoa 16
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

polenta cake 87
Description: economic improvements

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Interpretation of the dream: good news

cake with sweetened ricotta (ice cream) 69
Translation: useful meetings

Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling 5
Dream description: repair to give

sweet cakes 20
Meaning: joy

pancakes 79
Translation of the dream: unexpected aid

knead cakes 72
Interpretation: vanity and ostentation

bake cakes 15
Sense of the dream: disorderly situation

order cakes 75
What does it mean: rules to follow

bring out cakes 23
Meaning of the dream: postponement of projects

table with cakes 6
Description: exaggerated pessimism

see or bake cakes 20
Interpretation of the dream: joy and gain

pancake with cottage cheese 10
Translation: short illness

pancake with vegetables 77
Dream description: They expect serious troubles

apple pancake 48
Meaning: you will be logged gentleman

fried pancake 75
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage

nauseating 27
Interpretation: delicate health

baked cakes 41
Sense of the dream: susceptibility

oilcake 71
What does it mean: great disappointment

dough for pancakes 64
Meaning of the dream: popularity and success