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Narrow alley. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream narrow alley. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

narrow alley 7
Meaning of the dream: concessions to do

alley 47
Description: hard time

cypress alley 8
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties and problems

long alley 46
Translation: hard work

dark alley 43
Dream description: economic problems

alley lit 54
Meaning: complex issues to be resolved

walking in an alley 6
Translation of the dream: lack of confidence in the future

narrow 13

Narrow Aisle 85
Sense of the dream: losses and damages

narrow tunnel 13
What does it mean: You encounter many obstacles

narrow sleeves 73
Meaning of the dream: pleasure

narrow staircase 15
Description: evidence of trust

narrow road 30
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous encounters

Narrow Path 43
Translation: strange encounters

narrow lane 47
Dream description: six supervised

walking or narrow lane 6
Meaning: do a trip

Ballet Academy 17
Translation of the dream: false hopes

fallen tree 31
Interpretation: quarrels love

ballet 23
Sense of the dream: Dating easy

allegorical chariot 6
What does it mean: inconstancy and fickleness

to be called 17
Meaning of the dream: need for prudence with regard to health

valley route 3
Description: pessimism and bad mood

Keeper gallery 60
Interpretation of the dream: purchase unwary

wandering in the valleys and forests 20
Translation: bad

fallen fruit 72
Dream description: presumption punished

gallery 39
Meaning: purchase unwary

art Gallery 9
Translation of the dream: excellent success and good business

lit gallery 71
Interpretation: Fears passengers

convicting galley 1
Sense of the dream: misfortune

walled house 37
What does it mean: inner conflict

a walled port 3
Meaning of the dream: responsibility to face

walled treasure 5
Description: speculation wrong

hide your wallet 56
Interpretation of the dream: disputes with employees

being called by name 13
Translation: nervous tension

be called by the notary 72
Dream description: novelty important

elm fallen 31
Meaning: quarrels of love

pallet 83
Translation of the dream: financial worries

sleep on the pallet 48
Interpretation: financial worries

leather wallets 50
Sense of the dream: afterthought

wallet with money 25
What does it mean: serious problems to be addressed

empty wallet 14
Meaning of the dream: money coming

losing your wallet 61
Description: uncertainty as to overcome

find a wallet 45
Interpretation of the dream: unusual meetings

be robbed his wallet 28
Translation: great disappointments

be called from the main 56
Dream description: interesting prospects

take up the challenge 62
Meaning: projects baseless

wooden pallet 24
Translation of the dream: you earn your bread with great effort

fallen oak 31
Interpretation: quarrels of love

be called to the police station 11
Sense of the dream: tenacious rancor

be called to report 52
What does it mean: important trip

alleged offender 80
Meaning of the dream: lack of stability

raise a fallen 68
Description: loyalty and kindness

stealing a wallet 41
Interpretation of the dream: exploitation and harm

St. Gallen 81
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

to challenge 90
Dream description: aggression, hatred

challenge a duel 59
Meaning: loss of a friend

challenge to the game 78
Translation of the dream: nature passionate and possessive

challenge to race 24
Interpretation: inner conflicts

challenge to fight 89
Sense of the dream: Good ideas

be challenged 24
What does it mean: reconciliation with enemies

the press gallery 81
Meaning of the dream: strong individuality

fallen log 25
Description: dangerous fantasies

Valley 35
Interpretation of the dream: Great auspices

shady valley 23
Translation: unforeseen events

deep valley 37
Dream description: occasional activities

cultivated valley 77
Meaning: habits change

be in the valley 55
Translation of the dream: luck and joy

down in the valley 10
Interpretation: lively temperament and adventurous