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Tight bodice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tight bodice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tight bodice 36
Meaning of the dream: bitterness and sorrow

embroidered bodice 34
Description: animosity and courage

wide bodice 27
Interpretation of the dream: gain deserved

cotton bodice 55
Translation: position to be clarified

satin bodice 53
Dream description: gains and good business

tight anus 31
Meaning: someone deceives

tight dress 66
Translation of the dream: physical discomfort

tight cap 66
Interpretation: find difficulties to organize your schedule

tight chest 3
Sense of the dream: Negative thoughts

tight sleeve 53
What does it mean: to clarify misunderstandings

tight trousers 40
Meaning of the dream: lack of objectivity

tight (wedding ceremony) 55
Description: authorities

corsage white 82
Interpretation of the dream: joys sentimental

bring a corsage 81
Translation: discovery of secrets

corsage velvet 39
Dream description: improvement of position

lace corsage 56
Meaning: you will not have the friendships you yearn

silk corsage 66
Translation of the dream: time that you feel attractive

corsage Baby 13
Interpretation: Good news

corsage Women 68
Sense of the dream: separation from a friend

corsage 38
What does it mean: aspect of yourself you are trying to be appreciated

corsage men 75
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction and health

corsage black 5
Description: love declaration

tight shoes 64
Interpretation of the dream: progress difficult

tight handcuffs 55
Translation: unscrupulous actions

tight rope 43
Dream description: improvements location

tight skirt 66
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

colorful corsage 87
Translation of the dream: infidelity discovery

corsage flowery 44
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

narrow tunnel 13
Sense of the dream: You encounter many obstacles

tightknit team 33
What does it mean: you are full of your energy

corset 66
Meaning of the dream: Secrets Uncovered

dense bush 71
Description: your problems will be solved

narrow 13
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friendship

peddle 76
Translation: dangerous temptations

greenhouse 60
Dream description: contrasts

tights 25
Meaning: you will have strong shoulders to tackle a problem

tighten 74
Translation of the dream: chatter

Narrow Aisle 85
Interpretation: losses and damages

breathlessness 88
Sense of the dream: freedom from envy

narrow alley 7
What does it mean: concessions to do

step close 56
Meaning of the dream: some contrast

strict fasting 83
Description: joy and gain

closet close 81
Interpretation of the dream: unrealistic ideas

Narrow Path 43
Translation: strange encounters

narrowminded 38
Dream description: injustice

iron corset 20
Meaning: great advantage and gain

tease someone 40
Translation of the dream: you can not hold back the impetus

narrow staircase 15
Interpretation: evidence of trust

scoffing men 81
Sense of the dream: emotional states

red waistcoat 18
What does it mean: indecision harmful

quilted vest 24
Meaning of the dream: remorse

treat greenhouse 10
Description: excesses of rigor

tighten friendship 81
Interpretation of the dream: spiritual interests

tighten belt 11
Translation: hard problems

shortness of arrival 31
Dream description: sadness

tighten the chest 44
Meaning: danger of hostilities