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Naked see a beautiful and well-made. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream naked see a beautiful and well-made. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

naked see a beautiful and well-made 79
Meaning of the dream: great sorrows

see a naked woman 11
Description: ambition, pride, desire unfulfilled

see a beautiful miniature 11
Interpretation of the dream: you have an artistic sense and do road

see another naked 20
Translation: desires anxious

see someone run naked 53
Dream description: you were robbed without you will be realized

naked girl 10
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

naked harlot 60
Translation of the dream: hard work

naked woman 38
Interpretation: pain and bitterness

beautiful city 6
Sense of the dream: high hopes

see a friend naked 44
What does it mean: serious discord

his wife naked 25
Meaning of the dream: deception

see beautiful ankles 77
Description: useful meetings

naked doll 66
Interpretation of the dream: ostentation ridiculous

beautiful church 12
Translation: good position

beautiful calling 1
Dream description: joyfulness

beautiful prostitute 81
Meaning: serenity of judgment

see and speak to an emperor 10
Translation of the dream: project of escape, escape, restlessness

beautiful in the daytime 9
Interpretation: dangerous opponent

beautiful complexion 84
Sense of the dream: vivacity of spirit

see and talk to a saint 62
What does it mean: very good prediction

deceased welldressed 66
Meaning of the dream: there is a concern for the health of a family member

wife beautiful and rich 61
Description: death of the father or mother

dancing naked 40
Interpretation of the dream: Negative thoughts

see beautiful children 20
Translation: good prediction

see beautiful girls 57
Dream description: joy and frolic

dead naked 21
Meaning: loss of a friend

naked 35
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

naked overlooking 63
Interpretation: financial difficulties

sleeping with naked person 10
Sense of the dream: reason to fear the trap in which they will be taken

beautiful morning 17
What does it mean: overcome opposition

beautiful leg 50
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with family

beautiful typist 5
Description: economic concerns

naked eunuch 72
Interpretation of the dream: you have found the right way to your accommodation

well kept 33
Translation: great news

beautiful nature 90
Dream description: pleasant trip

beautiful lass 29
Meaning: happiness sentimental

beautiful night 39
Translation of the dream: help from a friend

beautiful laughing 25
Interpretation: unusual happenings

work well 18
Sense of the dream: displeasure

naked in the bathroom 77
What does it mean: shed light on what's important

live well 13
Meaning of the dream: dangerous follies

beautiful fairy 29
Description: originality of thought

spend well 85
Interpretation of the dream: insights to follow

calculate well 86
Translation: lack of objectivity

see a genius good 7
Dream description: everything will be better for both the business both in love

see and not use a shovel 21
Meaning: sadness

bedtime naked 41
Translation of the dream: deceptions hidden

naked for home 69
Interpretation: understanding in love

be well shod 5
Sense of the dream: profit