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Monaco procession. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream monaco procession. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

monaco city 65
Meaning of the dream: lasting love

monaco of beer 8
Description: gumption

monk reading 7
Interpretation of the dream: projects to be pursued

playing monk 8
Translation: old problems to be solved

monk preaching 85
Dream description: revenge on opponents

walking monk 17
Meaning: wishes fulfilled

wounded monk 12
Translation of the dream: proposals devious

guardian monk 1
Interpretation: momentary satisfactions

drinking monk 70
Sense of the dream: good health

monk singing 26
What does it mean: quarrels with friends

monk praying 49
Meaning of the dream: serious concerns

monk assaulted 89
Description: overcoming of obstacles

seeking monk 6
Interpretation of the dream: limited views

monk studying 23
Translation: a relationship that seemed frivolous and passenger, will prove challenging and exciting

hanged monk 73
Dream description: short trip

monk eating 1
Meaning: incompatibility of character

monk confessing 15
Translation of the dream: hostility in family

monk who says mass 26
Interpretation: difficult character

monk 69
Sense of the dream: contentment and quiet life

procession 55
What does it mean: honor, joy

procession to church 31
Meaning of the dream: deep understanding sentimental

prohibit a procession 89
Description: confusion of ideas

Eucharistic procession 90
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with a loved one

procession in the street 59
Translation: surprise and news

religious procession 22
Dream description: disappointment in love

religious in procession 79
Meaning: personal achievements

Pope in procession 16
Translation of the dream: Achieving a popular destination

37 - Smorfia classic: monk 37

Abbot in procession 39
Sense of the dream: crucial meeting

monk in procession 12
What does it mean: good intentions secret

Cardinal in procession 90
Meaning of the dream: new experiences

Bishop in procession 77
Description: calm and serenity

madonna in procession 38
Interpretation of the dream: proposals that are successful

torchlight procession 49
Translation: intuition

monk seeker 17
Dream description: emotional stability

insulted monk 19
Meaning: changes conducive

Jesuit in procession 7
Translation of the dream: quarrels at work

priest in procession 79
Interpretation: lasting success

halberdier in procession 1
Sense of the dream: caution

parish priest in procession 79
What does it mean: positive success

go in procession 59
Meaning of the dream: lasting bonds

baptismal procession 40
Description: satisfaction and profits

royal procession 46
Interpretation of the dream: cheerfulness

Capuchin friar in a procession 36
Translation: Danger averted

crowd in procession 36
Dream description: annoying intrusions

monk nurse 62
Meaning: requited love

scandalous monk 40
Translation of the dream: perseverance in work

monk prior 10
Interpretation: family disgrace

monk in prison 8
Sense of the dream: you want more freedom

dead monk 10
What does it mean: positive news

monk doorkeeper 36
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

holy monk 15
Description: fears

monk sacristan 70
Interpretation of the dream: economic loss

wedding procession 44
Translation: hard fight