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Mom cloths lava. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mom cloths lava. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Lava Volcano 61
Meaning of the dream: soul full of love

mother (mom) 52
Description: protection and affection will come from a person close

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

beat cloths 20
Translation: mild resignation

roll cloths 56
Dream description: your secrets will be discovered

sewing cloths 26
Meaning: try to put a patch on your mistakes

armful of cloths 68
Translation of the dream: important decisions to make

basin with cloths 48
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

wash cloths 16
Sense of the dream: protection and support

lathering cloths 84
What does it mean: happiness in family

drain wet cloths 82
Meaning of the dream: new love

wash cloths outdoors 29
Description: gossip in the air

wash cloths at home 34
Interpretation of the dream: you do not know your stuff

addition agent cloths 14
Translation: pleasant surprises and changes

buy clothes 87
Dream description: Donations

halo on clothing 90
Meaning: bad conscience

wardrobe with clothes 74
Translation of the dream: Fortunately vanished

towel cloth 21
Interpretation: difficult days

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Sense of the dream: bright future

cloth doll 3
What does it mean: carelessness in business

cloth cap 85
Meaning of the dream: delicate health

washing of clothes 79
Description: insecurity

drying clothes 16
Interpretation of the dream: fortitude

dirty clothes 8
Translation: joy and honor

tattered clothes 17
Dream description: disgrace and shame

clothes see burn and consume your 6
Meaning: boredom and slander, insult, loss of processes, cheating among friends

see many clothes hanging 67
Translation of the dream: pain

military dressed in plain clothes 73
Interpretation: interesting letter

changing clothes 52
Sense of the dream: unexpected event

chamomile 79
What does it mean: casual encounters

chamomile flowers 69
Meaning of the dream: casual encounters

chamomile essence 29
Description: deceptive appearances

do chamomile 31
Interpretation of the dream: be patient

drinking chamomile 15
Translation: discontent in family

serve chamomile 42
Dream description: vanity-free content

cloth sample 66
Meaning: elimination of obstacles

cash with clothing 80
Translation of the dream: resistance force

cloth slippers 66
Interpretation: concerns passing

bring sackcloth 13
Sense of the dream: success on an opponent

sackcloth leather 16
What does it mean: inner conflict

sackcloth rope 14
Meaning of the dream: discontent and nervousness

sackcloth of penitence 2
Description: confusing situation

cloth trade 42
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprise

making clothes 25
Translation: love changes

consume clothes 35
Dream description: friendship of women

bedtime clothes 38
Meaning: threatening disease

lay clothes 25
Translation of the dream: secret pain

paint a cloth 7
Interpretation: misplaced hopes

unadorned clothing 76
Sense of the dream: payout of hostilities