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Dead mother who washes the ladder. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream dead mother who washes the ladder. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

boy who washes 6
Meaning of the dream: You want to get rid of someone who oppresses you

dead mother 47
Description: increase of consideration

hold a ladder 19
Interpretation of the dream: fight with oneself

mother (mom) 52
Translation: protection and affection will come from a person close

See dead mother 47
Dream description: increase of consideration

stand on a ladder 62
Meaning: personal success

girl washes 7
Translation of the dream: happy solution

Firefighters on the ladder 20
Interpretation: self-confidence

dead cow 84
Sense of the dream: disputes difficult

fall from a ladder 1
What does it mean: deceptions secrets

dead woman 11
Meaning of the dream: Crisis in love

climb a ladder 27
Description: attainable goal

dead daughter 33
Interpretation of the dream: obscure maneuvers to discover

dead soul 14
Translation: you need assistance for families

Lava Volcano 61
Dream description: soul full of love

dead grandmother 33
Meaning: good omens

broken ladder 31
Translation of the dream: embarrassments and difficulties

dead girl 33
Interpretation: betrayal by employees

dead whore 76
Sense of the dream: considerable fortune

dead giraffe 45
What does it mean: new perspectives and big changes

dead hand 88
Meaning of the dream: uncertainties about the future

mercy that washes 11
Description: commitments to be

iron ladder 19
Interpretation of the dream: I hard to work but will bear fruit

dead bee 75
Translation: bad omens

folding ladder 80
Dream description: energy to use

dead turtledove 84
Meaning: difficult problems

dead bitch 23
Translation of the dream: instability of mood

dead sister 27
Interpretation: Good news and novelties

dead chicken 81
Sense of the dream: distress of short duration

dead ant 31
What does it mean: problems at work

dead seagull 50
Meaning of the dream: serious opposition

rope ladder 12
Description: great emotions

dead butterfly 51
Interpretation of the dream: Hidden Danger

wash linen 71
Translation: prosperity and health

dead whale 74
Dream description: disagreements with family

dead dove 33
Meaning: projects that go awry

dead duck 18
Translation of the dream: There you are freed of something

Queen dead 85
Interpretation: hard times

dead ladybug 34
Sense of the dream: bad omens

dead spider 61
What does it mean: victory over an enemy

dead person 2
Meaning of the dream: good omen

double staircase 22
Description: unexpected conclusion

viper dead 9
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty overcome

ladder to pegs 35
Translation: economic achievements

drowned mother 52
Dream description: not allowed to express yourself

see the mother 39
Meaning: good wishes

hugs mother 52
Translation of the dream: greed pleasures

praying mother 14
Interpretation: contrasts with your loved one

neglecting mother 53
Sense of the dream: obstacles to get around

mother take 7
What does it mean: secret fears

mother crying 54
Meaning of the dream: concerns

the mother saddened 16
Description: unexpected encounters