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Mobile worm. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mobile worm. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

worm 16
Meaning of the dream: secret enemies can harm you

have worm 74
Description: errors to be repaired

little worm 37
Interpretation of the dream: discomfort in intimate life

solitary worm 8
Translation: physical weakness

excrete worm 9
Dream description: solution of problems

earth worm 17
Meaning: business negotiations

worm screw 42
Translation of the dream: polemic

see worm in food 6
Interpretation: danger of hostilities

kill worm 10
Sense of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

intestinal worm 52
What does it mean: disorder in private life

wormwood plant 52
Meaning of the dream: kindness of friends

silkworm 37
Description: friends will be very useful

cocoon shell of silkworms 35
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enemies

raising silkworms 7
Translation: prelude to future earnings as well as having good and faithful friends

woodworm 38
Dream description: your business is bad

ringworm fungal diseases 37
Meaning: false friends or servants

ringworm boys 19
Translation of the dream: healthcare

silkworm cocoon 9
Interpretation: tenderness and gratitude

fruit with worms 59
Sense of the dream: health recovery

by earthworm gut 16
What does it mean: discomforts passengers

earthworm ground 56
Meaning of the dream: small movements

mobility 9
Description: unforeseen economic revenue

herb wormwood 27
Interpretation of the dream: risky business

shit with worms 76
Translation: Good news

wormeaten lining 51
Dream description: contentments joys family

tapeworm 59
Meaning: false and envious friends