Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

catch an insect

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: catch an insect

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55 catch an insect

3 insect
try not to be too hard on the faults of others

73 insect on person
chatter unpleasant

28 insect walking
messy business

88 insect flying
small loss

28 insect sting
nagging thoughts

8 beetle (insect)
do not be discouraged, everything will turn out well

30 crush an insect
social success

70 catch

7 to catch

49 catch a thief

26 catch a chicken

70 catch a mouse
skills in business

33 catch a bird
next trip

3 catch a cat

60 catch a butterfly

17 catch a fish
good health

70 catch a heron
being conquered

43 catch a beaver
contrasts in family

9 catch a mullet
profits and joys

41 catch the butterfly
fickle affections

5 catch fruit
good earnings

83 catch the thief
Heavy-duty and uncertain

64 catch a parrot
business not serious

8 catch word
ambitions to curb

4 see catch fish
children in poor health or dumb

50 catch a fly
you will not suffer unjust accusations

18 catch frogs
useful and fruitful exchange of ideas

73 catch the reindeer
change of position

5 catch a squirrel
good friendships

24 catch thieves
momentary embarrassment

39 catch a tuna
new emotional ties

46 catch a trout
luck with money

53 catch animals

22 catch chickens

90 catch birds

49 catch red-handed
precipitous actions

23 paretaio To catch birds
land with nets to catch birds

33 catch big fish
joy and profit

6 dogcatcher
limited freedom

23 dog catcher who takes a dog
limited freedom

16 dog catcher who does not take the dog
amorous adventures

31 kill insects
events pleased

14 caterpillars (insects)
dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

81 hunting insects
fake friends

81 trample insects
lost objects

65 cell with insects
agitation and difficulty

13 nest of insects
trouble from relatives

48 insects
small obstacles

48 disgusting insects fleas lice bedbugs
gold and silver in abundance

22 idol re insecure

58 upon seeing insects
you ll get into trouble

90 biting insects
People irritating

65 abundance of insects

22 catching flies

62 rat catching