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Find out what it means to dream mathematical explanation. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mathematical calculation 17
Meaning of the dream: danger lurks

Math Problem 13
Description: financial worries

mathematics 70
Interpretation of the dream: lack of rationality

teach math 5
Translation: reports to be clarified

learn math 15
Dream description: greed for money

studying mathematics 54
Meaning: short illness

teacher of mathematics 24
Translation of the dream: you have to be more rational

math's book 7
Interpretation: fame and fortune

degree in mathematics 9
Sense of the dream: New appointments

math's lesson 66
What does it mean: tough business

doctorate in mathematics 7
Meaning of the dream: dangers to be avoided

explain 24
Description: despair

clarifications 22
Interpretation of the dream: need that everything will be resolved soon

interpret character 7
Translation: inability to express their feelings

interpret the horoscope 11
Dream description: inner resources

statement 48
Meaning: ambiguous proposals

decipher 89
Translation of the dream: errors to be repaired

sports training 7
Interpretation: embarrassment in a choice

sports performance 60
Sense of the dream: You are in good health

sports club 43
What does it mean: distrust and laziness

reiterating a statement 68
Meaning of the dream: impulsive nature

decipher a statement 42
Description: ambiguous proposals

sugar clarification 78
Interpretation of the dream: clarifications to return

declaration of friendship 90
Translation: interesting experiences

Wine clarification 33
Dream description: flattering promises

declaration of birth 85
Meaning: prosperous business

match (sports event) 39
Translation of the dream: friendships helpful

of syrup clarification 24
Interpretation: ill omen

fraction arithmetic 11
Sense of the dream: economically negative period

arithmetic multiplication 72
What does it mean: excellent profits

arithmetic study 10
Meaning of the dream: You want to become a mother

arithmetic operation 81
Description: order and precision

theoretical arithmetic 4
Interpretation of the dream: unfortunate mishap sentimental

teacher explaining 50
Translation: lack of support

explain linen 50
Dream description: Company interesting

arithmetic test 60
Meaning: satisfaction and joy

do arithmetic operations 63
Translation of the dream: good luck next clue to the game

explain the gospel 83
Interpretation: realization of desires

explain the newspaper 9
Sense of the dream: good relationships with women

explain the reasons 61
What does it mean: the misfortune hounding

explain a napkin 89
Meaning of the dream: great buys

explain a dress 28
Description: false flattery

explain a lesson 90
Interpretation of the dream: controversy vain and useless

do arithmetic calculations incorrect 7
Translation: deception

choose and explain letters 58
Dream description: you will know the truth

feel explain the gospel 16
Meaning: calm and balance

explain or fold sails 11
Translation of the dream: favorable circumstances

incite athletes 47
Interpretation: successful completion

work out in the gym 1
Sense of the dream: adaptability

sporting ambition 11
What does it mean: succeeded in resolutions

Customs Declaration 39
Meaning of the dream: unsuspected stamina

sporting career 49
Description: support and security

declare the true 72
Interpretation of the dream: friendship and reconciliation