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Declare defender. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream declare defender. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

declare defender 25
Meaning of the dream: insult received

defender of the poor 69
Description: happiness conquered

legal defender 35
Interpretation of the dream: joy home

declare landowner 8
Translation: purchases disadvantageous

declare expert 66
Dream description: novel alliance, friendship, luck, profit, legacy

declare military 33
Meaning: damage

declare friend 67
Translation of the dream: desire for revenge

declare the true 72
Interpretation: friendship and reconciliation

declare 19
Sense of the dream: ambiguous proposals

declare the false 38
What does it mean: vanity dangerous

declare their crimes 54
Meaning of the dream: momentary difficulties

declare their credits 32
Description: successful business

declare themselves religious 68
Interpretation of the dream: next pain

declare himself an enemy 45
Translation: pride humbled

declare himself a subject 34
Dream description: into gear and proceed with your projects

plead not guilty 16
Meaning: unexpected luck

protector 65
Translation of the dream: coming to the faith

announce or proclaim 16
Interpretation: troubles in marriage

testify for a robbery 88
Sense of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

stick up for 64
What does it mean: superficiality of feelings

defend brothers 9
Meaning of the dream: initiative

defend people 11
Description: activities discontinuous

defend animals 41
Interpretation of the dream: even temperament

defend spouse 1
Translation: work safety

defend the honor 34
Dream description: violent emotions

defend the father 90
Meaning: ties happy

defend a friend 4
Translation of the dream: professional achievement

defend a woman 82
Interpretation: misadventure travel

defend mother 5
Sense of the dream: ability to concentrate

defend a cause 79
What does it mean: inner balance

defend its reasons 38
Meaning of the dream: You can dispute

defend the barricade 3
Description: too many internal conflicts

defend a person 17
Interpretation of the dream: emotional states to control

canonized 84
Translation: harbinger of doom

fender 70
Dream description: hard work

proclaim 63
Meaning: troubles in marriage

roar of cannon 43
Translation of the dream: agitated thoughts

lifebelt 33
Interpretation: sadness passing

fortress defense 54
Sense of the dream: Love unstable

plead guilty 68
What does it mean: prodigality harmful

dyke defense 8
Meaning of the dream: concerns

explain 24
Description: despair

lawyer defending 20
Interpretation of the dream: lost confidence

keeper of animals 86
Translation: new knowledge

keeper of the museum 31
Dream description: cunning discovery

kill for defense 79
Meaning: thwarted love

night guard 23
Translation of the dream: risk of theft

hear the thunder of cannons 70
Interpretation: loss of rich relatives

lifesaver cork 38
Sense of the dream: change of situation

strangle for defense 29
What does it mean: Reports should not be overlooked

teacher explaining 50
Meaning of the dream: lack of support

explain linen 50
Description: Company interesting

throw lifesaver other 18
Interpretation of the dream: unhappy emotional bond

proclamation 86
Translation: They will suffer bad things

explain the gospel 83
Dream description: realization of desires

keeper of a boarding school 71
Meaning: painful disease

explain the newspaper 9
Translation of the dream: good relationships with women

explain a napkin 89
Interpretation: great buys

proclamation desired 48
Sense of the dream: arrival of a decisive help