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Maternal grandfather. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream maternal grandfather. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

maternal grandfather 76
Meaning of the dream: Elevated protection

resemble the grandfather 49
Description: disagreements over money

maternal ancestor 12
Interpretation of the dream: ability to convince

maternal altruism 29
Translation: events pleased

grandfather 56
Dream description: nearby heritage

maternal kiss 59
Meaning: inconstancy affections

maternal instinct 79
Translation of the dream: excessive ambition

suck breast milk 51
Interpretation: you regret the past

motherly love 72
Sense of the dream: lack of courage

grandfather or grandmother 50
What does it mean: need sacraments

maternal grandmother 6
Meaning of the dream: Ensure that someone would want to cheat you

maternal advice 40
Description: upcoming wedding

with breast milk 60
Interpretation of the dream: efforts rewarded

maternal grandparents 12
Translation: ability to convince

mother's consent 31
Dream description: decline of will

paternal grandmother 18
Meaning: problems at work

grandfather clock 7
Translation of the dream: collisions with older people

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
Interpretation: Peace of mind

great grandfather 66
Sense of the dream: messy love life

Santa Claus 25
What does it mean: give, accept or forgive

confess to his mother 53
Meaning of the dream: you can not make autonomous

line books 11
Description: wise security

mother's milk 21
Interpretation of the dream: women gossip

follow the line 63
Translation: consistency

dead grandmother 33
Dream description: good omens

motherly blessing 58
Meaning: understanding towards others

maternal authority 14
Translation of the dream: misconduct

maternal curse 20
Interpretation: serious concerns

look like the grandmother 82
Sense of the dream: carried providential

maternal image 84
What does it mean: inner tranquility

legitimate maternal 23
Meaning of the dream: many friendships

pet the dog 19
Description: faithfulness

domesticate 7
Interpretation of the dream: marital fidelity

domesticate dogs 4
Translation: marital fidelity

domesticate cats 14
Dream description: infirmity

domesticate horses 31
Meaning: vivacity of spirit

taming fleas 60
Translation of the dream: treachery

adopt 16
Interpretation: It will have to suffer

sharpen 24
Sense of the dream: sorrow, pride and vanity

August mattress 75
What does it mean: trouble women

albino 40
Meaning of the dream: you need to be more tolerant

chop raw 11
Description: susceptibility exaggerated

ox angry 6
Interpretation of the dream: unwillingness

pineapple 12
Translation: fortune

eat pineapple 18
Dream description: good news

pineapple dented by stick shots 32
Meaning: close loss, home business close to entangle or at least embarrassment of family coming by the groom or the bride on account of sex

have wounds pineapple 51
Translation of the dream: the great disasters in the family

pineapple bigger than usual 36
Interpretation: joy and health, prosperity large

pineapple cut in half 21
Sense of the dream: vain confidence in the groom or the bride

ox plowing 1
What does it mean: gain

imprison 75
Meaning of the dream: disappointments in love

call the fire department 76
Description: disagreements loving

cilice 11
Interpretation of the dream: success on an opponent