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Male seed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream male seed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

seed 29
Meaning of the dream: wealth, happiness, health

male grandson 39
Description: strong character

male member 29
Interpretation of the dream: balance

male robes 19
Translation: serene period

male voice 12
Dream description: events and achievements

Male for women 62
Meaning: inner conflicts

male for men 25
Translation of the dream: contrasts

boxing male 15

male genital 28

male offspring 9

shopkeeper seed 39
Meaning of the dream: do not let yourself turn away from your programs

hemp seed 3
Description: happy hours

flax seed 31
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows of love

watermelon seed 63
Translation: good health

melon seed 1
Dream description: Company nice

pumpkin seed 14
Meaning: important decision

mustard seed 8
Translation of the dream: health is Wealth

seed oil 50

fruit seed 12

seed of man 29

male boarding school 54
Meaning of the dream: confidence and sincerity

giving birth to a male 19

Poppy seed oil 34
Interpretation of the dream: physical deterioration

female singer 88
Translation: indiscreet revelations

female boarding school 41
Dream description: vindictive character

female choir 39
Meaning: obsessive jealousy

see herd of small and female deer 2
Translation of the dream: wealth and fortune in proportion to their numbers

female 22
Interpretation: vindictive character

beautiful female 31
Sense of the dream: desire for love

blond female 58
What does it mean: mutual understanding

brunette female 44
Meaning of the dream: inconstant love

female dead 39
Description: joys of love

female ugly 18
Interpretation of the dream: jealousies and threads

several females 21
Translation: slander

Cabinet with graceful female 4
Dream description: marital separation

poppy seeds 90
Meaning: relationship treacherous and dangerous

see a malefactor 30
Translation of the dream: death of friends

little seedling plant 88
Interpretation: many meetings with women

female school 29
Sense of the dream: search of freedom

dry seeds 54
What does it mean: good prospects

buy seeds 44
Meaning of the dream: good job performance

seeds 87
Description: good investment

buried seeds 85
Interpretation of the dream: clarity of judgment

seeding of legumes 28
Translation: misery

Animal Female 23

female offspring 67

imprison malefactors 48

macerated linseed 67

give birth to a female 28

white pomegranate seeds 1
What does it mean: little money

red pomegranate seeds 40
Meaning of the dream: considerable profit

pomegranate seeds 72
Description: gain easy money

Sesame seeds 30
Interpretation of the dream: excellent earnings