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Madonna stained image. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream madonna stained image. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

image 60
Meaning of the dream: clarity in matters

kiss image 60
Description: gratitude demonstrated

devoted to an image 3
Interpretation of the dream: intuitive faculty

sacred image 90
Translation: harmony with loved ones

image on canvas 40
Dream description: fights for an ideal

image on paper 74
Meaning: deception by a friend

maternal image 84
Translation of the dream: inner tranquility

father image 22
Interpretation: concerns that dissolve

altar coli an image 85
Sense of the dream: sympathies of people Useful

Madonna 60
What does it mean: blessings

madonna on the altar 51
Meaning of the dream: confident hope

madonna in procession 38
Description: proposals that are successful

madonna talking 64
Interpretation of the dream: delight

madonna with angels 61
Translation: order concerns

venerate the Madonna 50
Dream description: great fortune

water of the Madonna 22

kiss madonna 47

effigy of madonna 3

madonna with flowers 71

madonna with votes 70

mantle of madonna 6

8 - Smorfia classic: Madonna 8

ox stained 62
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

stained trousers 4
Translation: little objectivity

stained sheet 51
Dream description: to overcome grievances

stained skirt 16
Meaning: chatter and gossip

stained with oil 85
Translation of the dream: slander unpleasant

stained with pitch 18
Interpretation: gumption

stained with lipstick 32
Sense of the dream: valuable information

be stained with blood 36
What does it mean: serious disaster

stained with verdigris 17
Meaning of the dream: incoming correspondence

stained with paint 50
Description: envious chatter

stained glass 22
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm and momentum

stained laundry 44

stained face 49

stained with infamy 56

stained with acid 61

see a bandage stained with blood 13
Interpretation: payout within a short time

have the wool jacket stained 12
Sense of the dream: them feel guilty

stained tablecloth wine 6
What does it mean: abundance

stain 15
Meaning of the dream: great misfortune and sadness

stain on the dress 37
Description: discouragement and punishment

stain on the floor 28
Interpretation of the dream: envious chatter

stain on paper 5
Translation: difficulty of work

coffee stain 73
Dream description: satisfactory results

Ink stain 80
Meaning: illness of a relative

blood stain 81
Translation of the dream: fast acting

wine stain 3
Interpretation: Friends liars

pilgrimage 73
Sense of the dream: luck and help from trusted friends and influential

go on a pilgrimage 90
What does it mean: harmony of relationships

pilgrimage to a shrine 64
Meaning of the dream: positive thoughts

pilgrimage to the holy land 39
Description: change of position

pilgrimage alone 16
Interpretation of the dream: difficult struggle

pilgrimage in the company 7
Translation: affections safe

pilgrimage to the world 4
Dream description: thoughts and poverty

blood stains 50
Meaning: bad omen

oil stains 66
Translation of the dream: a dangerous situation

sustain a grappling hook 55
Interpretation: generosity of spirit

go on a pilgrimage to the shrine 19
Sense of the dream: sentimental surprises

remove stains 21
What does it mean: Useful social relations

remove stains a dress 59
Meaning of the dream: lovable character

remove stains from a hat 24
Description: honesty and loyalty

remove stains from a carpet 25
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant statement

sustain 84
Translation: physical

sustain the children 62
Dream description: social prestige

sustain friends 16
Meaning: mental balance

sustain poor 87
Translation of the dream: receipts of money

sustain a sick 9
Interpretation: self confidence

print images 23
Sense of the dream: hidden desires

imagination 66

footprint stain 53

stainless 88

broth stain 18

stain with fruit 80

stain with blood 5

stain remover 54