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Look left. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream look left. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

left 76
Meaning of the dream: instinctive choice

turn left 12
Description: secret fears

bald at the left 20
Interpretation of the dream: losses

left hand 65
Translation: betrayal of love

Left deputy 35
Dream description: impending problems

look out the window 70
Meaning: imposture

stop and look 32
Translation of the dream: distrust of others

look at the showcases 45
Interpretation: period of nervousness

watch yourself 26
Sense of the dream: solid principles

to look 31
What does it mean: curiosity

look forward 28
Meaning of the dream: internal conflict

look in the mirror 24
Description: treachery

look down 24
Interpretation of the dream: persecution

look gruff 62
Translation: issues to be resolved

tattoo on his left arm 66
Dream description: big changes

watch carefully 43
Meaning: Take the fly every occasion

look north 22
Translation of the dream: aid

look at the countryside 59
Interpretation: innocence, famine

look at your hands 26
Sense of the dream: infirmity

look out of the car 56
What does it mean: disharmony

look out to the balcony 51
Meaning of the dream: avarice

I look stupid 87
Description: welcome gift

look lovable 16
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

I look suspicious 20
Translation: spirit of domination

look scissors 58
Dream description: violent desires

look for the clock 24
Meaning: honor the profession

look out at the well 10
Translation of the dream: greed for pleasure

look out the door 88
Interpretation: happy change

look into a microscope 40
Sense of the dream: do not look at the speck in the eyes of your fellow

look for the shortcut 22
What does it mean: I agree way to succeed

look out from the wagon 38
Meaning of the dream: precautions

look out the porthole 37
Description: luck in love

look out over the river 81
Interpretation of the dream: secret pain

look at who does yoga 9
Translation: important innovations and changes

see themselves transformed into a bear 71
Dream description: bad news

looked loving 20
Meaning: indecision

looked spiteful 63
Translation of the dream: pleasant surprise

look out 88
Interpretation: expected surprise

see flooding 34
Sense of the dream: pleasant encounters

counterclockwise around 69
What does it mean: someone is imposing something that you do not like

looked with contempt 39
Meaning of the dream: false

seeing fire 47
Description: changing environment

looked in pain 68
Interpretation of the dream: disloyalty in business

The Mighty 69
Translation: nervousness accentuated

looked significantly 47
Dream description: Excellent reports

behold with prostitute 48
Meaning: diseases secret

watching cars 90
Translation of the dream: liberation from weights

watching the stalls 33
Interpretation: Pending disappointed

see the core 69
Sense of the dream: you will realize the downsides of a person

watching the flock 7
What does it mean: inner torment

see the sea 73
Meaning of the dream: possibility to exploit

watch a stream 7
Description: businesses safe

watching cattle 9
Interpretation of the dream: possible humiliation