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Lizard with liquid. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lizard with liquid. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

liquid 52
Meaning of the dream: dangerous neglect

lizard 5
Description: snares from distant enemies

burning with a hot liquid 34
Interpretation of the dream: freedom from envy

liquid tar 68
Translation: listlessness and mistrust

liquid lead 4
Dream description: changing situation

lizard bites 78
Meaning: secret affliction

leakage of liquid 31
Translation of the dream: You have problems that strives to solve

lizard without a tail 77
Interpretation: quick gains and important

liquid honey 82
Sense of the dream: economic benefits

wax liquid 27
What does it mean: righteousness and loyalty

lizard dead 16
Meaning of the dream: lack of privacy

lizard in the house 4
Description: bad speculations

lizard on a wall 40
Interpretation of the dream: benevolence of the elderly

lizard on earth 56
Translation: artificial attitudes

green lizard 81
Dream description: proof of love

see a lizard 48
Meaning: You have regrets of the past

twotailed lizard 6
Translation of the dream: overcome differences

liquid chocolate 87
Interpretation: Hidden Dangers

liquid rubber 77
Sense of the dream: good friends

liquid food 18
What does it mean: perspicacity in business

white gecko 3
Meaning of the dream: positive decisions

black gecko 1
Description: expectations for conclusions slow in coming

gecko hunting 72
Interpretation of the dream: bad deeds of enemies

brown gecko 87
Translation: solution to various problems

eating a gecko 7
Dream description: slander

gray gecko 9
Meaning: torments

catch a gecko 84
Translation of the dream: small problems

gecko biting 7
Interpretation: people who will speak ill of you

gecko eating 71
Sense of the dream: excellent professional competence

gecko climbing 79
What does it mean: good observation and reflection

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning of the dream: lack of confidence

dinner with military 4
Description: Tangible evidence of friendship

dinner with the children 48
Interpretation of the dream: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Translation: self-confidence

money 26
Dream description: energy

dinner with parents 76
Meaning: want made

adorn with rings 46
Translation of the dream: bad omens

mountain with vineyards 24
Interpretation: Family disputes

dinner with her lover 29
Sense of the dream: rebellion to their own state

with university professors 89
What does it mean: to overcome shyness

go with King 90
Meaning of the dream: justified criticism

dinner with his wife 5
Description: experiences dubious

with university students 40
Interpretation of the dream: great success

Shepherd with lamb 48
Translation: moment of mental weakness

go with religious 56
Dream description: false flatterers

ewe with lamb 5
Meaning: joys family

go with a brother 35
Translation of the dream: self confidence

go with a bishop 20
Interpretation: excitement exaggerated

medicate with patches 70
Sense of the dream: uncertainty of tomorrow

farmyard with wagons 29
What does it mean: prosperity

garden with roses 59
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

go with the Pope 48
Description: good prediction in summer and bad in winter