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Glass with liquid. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream glass with liquid. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

liquid 52

liquid food 18
Description: perspicacity in business

liquid tar 68
Interpretation of the dream: listlessness and mistrust

liquid honey 82
Translation: economic benefits

liquid lead 4
Dream description: changing situation

wax liquid 27

liquid chocolate 87

liquid rubber 77

burning with a hot liquid 34
Sense of the dream: freedom from envy

glass jar 11
What does it mean: exaggerated enthusiasm

goblet of glass 55
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationship

crystal glass 44
Description: dislikes unjustified

glass gold 90
Interpretation of the dream: rapid collapse of illusions

glass Silver 48
Translation: restriction of personal freedom

glass of metal 52
Dream description: Health unstable

clean glass 18
Meaning: attitudes safe

dirty glass 15
Translation of the dream: yearning for the beautiful

cracked glass 15
Interpretation: dangerous head shots

broken glass 5
Sense of the dream: danger of infection

glass of chalice 51
What does it mean: vanity excessive

water glass 1
Meaning of the dream: repentance useless

liqueur glass 38
Description: enthusiasm for good news

full glass 75
Interpretation of the dream: greed for money

colored glass 44
Translation: great imagination

glass bottle 67
Dream description: indecision and insecurity

glass button 84
Meaning: prodigality eccentric

glass pitcher 75
Translation of the dream: little understanding

glass carafe 77
Interpretation: pulse control

glass bowl 51
Sense of the dream: passing pleasures

contemplated in a glass 54
What does it mean: disillusion

glass lid 65
Meaning of the dream: skill and cunning

breaking glass 36
Description: imprudence dangerous

glass filter 52
Interpretation of the dream: promising business

glass funnel 68
Translation: volatility harmful

glass plate 16
Dream description: your tranquility should be treated because it could vanish at any moment

glass object 26
Meaning: obstacles overcome

opaque glass 88
Translation of the dream: infatuation of short duration

piece of glass 13
Interpretation: ephemeral goods

give a glass 9
Sense of the dream: Coincidentally

glass objects 20
What does it mean: restlessness and redemption

plaster with glass 40
Meaning of the dream: nice trip

scrape glass 45
Description: request for favors

glass vessel 40
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationship

fill a glass 42
Translation: wise security

saltshaker glass 55
Dream description: verbosity and gossip

glass shelf 18
Meaning: miscalculations

glass box 32
Translation of the dream: secret relations

glass shard 27
Interpretation: good buys

glass syringe 51
Sense of the dream: momentary uncertainty

replace a glass 80
What does it mean: great wisdom and prudence