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Liver vaccine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream liver vaccine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

vaccine 70
Meaning of the dream: physical ailments

liver roasted 44
Description: good mood

Man Liver 69
Interpretation of the dream: pride and intransigence

cooked liver 11
Translation: wrath

fried liver 21
Dream description: positive ideas

liver fry 28
Meaning: friendships

Liver pain 60
Translation of the dream: obstacles and hindrances

human liver 45
Interpretation: desire for revenge

liver stewed 28
Sense of the dream: recognition of rights

eat liver 43
What does it mean: optimal health

liver with onions 6
Meaning of the dream: novelty good

pan with liver 22
Description: liberation from commitments

fish liver 12
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

liver 4
Translation: desire for revenge

liver sausage 27
Dream description: economic difficulties

raw liver 7
Meaning: desire for harmony

calf liver 17
Translation of the dream: persecution complex

turkey liver 48
Interpretation: benefits and surprises

pork liver 28
Sense of the dream: impressionability and indecision

lamb's liver 60
What does it mean: trying to keep calm

liver oil 88
Meaning of the dream: talk inconclusive

goose liver 18
Description: unnecessary actions

liver disease 90
Interpretation of the dream: calculations involved

chicken liver 14
Translation: unreasonable obstinacy

pollen 35
Dream description: obstacles to overcome

cirrhosis 17
Meaning: concerns

vaccinate 31
Translation of the dream: enmity to fight

receive a cudgel shot 46
Interpretation: measures to be taken

get vaccinated 88
Sense of the dream: unpleasant issues

vaccinate men 7
What does it mean: enmity to fight

vaccinate women 19
Meaning of the dream: Discussions with an elderly person

vaccinate children 37
Description: social advancement

broth vaccinates 20
Interpretation of the dream: eventful period

vaccinate soldiers 55
Translation: safe journey

immunize an animal 32
Dream description: happy opportunity

notice lever 39
Meaning: contrasts with neighbors

lever call 71
Translation of the dream: delays and obstacles

press of a lever 40
Interpretation: important aid

dinner with relatives 11
Sense of the dream: lack of confidence

dinner with men 8
What does it mean: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Meaning of the dream: Failure of a deal

dinner with military 4
Description: Tangible evidence of friendship

lunch with friends 82
Interpretation of the dream: momentary satisfaction

dinner with the children 48
Translation: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Dream description: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Meaning: want made

dinner with her husband 46
Translation of the dream: threads to avoid

dinner with her lover 29
Interpretation: rebellion to their own state

dinner with his wife 5
Sense of the dream: experiences dubious

have lunch 5
What does it mean: you ll have to struggle with the need

dinner only 68
Meaning of the dream: ingratitude to a friend

go to the airport to leave 66
Description: liberation from weights

risking money 47
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous habits

ridge suckling 75
Translation: seriousness of purpose