Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

literary academy

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: literary academy

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literary academy 66

literary work 71
tenacious feelings

literary rivalry 55
new knowledge

literary man 62

academy 76
new friendships and opportunities

see academy 70

visit academy 35

be part of an academy 27
issues with relatives

Ballet Academy 17
false hopes

music academy 61

academy of sciences 45

Academy of Fencing 28

military Academy 60

naval academy 73
intrigues revealed

gymnastics academy 82
Late practices

comic academy 37

Academy of Agricultural 46

Academy of poetry 22

academy ticket 38

Air Force academy 23

illiterate 40
intemperance harmful

be illiterate 4
intemperance harmful

teach an illiterate 31
misplaced trust

illiterate who studies 80
serenity of spirit

circle of literati 12
desire for independence

distribute literature 39
strange encounter

facade of the house or other 7

facade of a house beautiful but dilapidated 6
do you think that others see everything destroyed

facade of a beautiful house 89
You discover the deception of your partner and you will go

translate literally 18
constructive efforts

literal version 16
mental efforts

patent academic 72

facade of the house 1

church facade 34

palace facade 8

Theater façade 48

literature 15