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Left lobe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream left lobe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tattoo on his left arm 66
Meaning of the dream: big changes

bald at the left 20
Description: losses

Left deputy 35
Interpretation of the dream: impending problems

left hand 65
Translation: betrayal of love

left 76
Dream description: instinctive choice

turn left 12
Meaning: secret fears

wolf 21
Translation of the dream: trade with a stingy man, cruel, faithless

wounded wolf 77
Interpretation: alternative choice

wolf dead 57
Sense of the dream: negative attitudes

wolf flees 13
What does it mean: probable recovery of money

track Wolf 52
Meaning of the dream: health concerns

Wolf died 12
Description: victory over enemies

win a wolf 18
Interpretation of the dream: complete triumph on the same

barked the wolf 30
Translation: period of instability

domesticated wolf 1
Dream description: enthusiasms and projects

wolf captured 66
Meaning: tendency to exaggeration

wolf suckling 5
Translation of the dream: New appointments

tusk wolf 37
Interpretation: thwarted love

wolf in love 73
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

bite of the wolf 44
What does it mean: dangerous business

wolf skin 48
Meaning of the dream: position compromised

wolf with prey 56
Description: infidelity of a loved one

wolf in a cage 68
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

get injured by a wolf 1
Translation: perfidious enemies

wolf suckling her young 54
Dream description: Luckily the game

being bitten by a wolf 2
Meaning: harm and loss from this

shepherd assaulted by a wolf 41
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

Wolf have the head of this animal 60
Interpretation: power and honor

wolf alone that worries or is frightening 15
Sense of the dream: attention to car crashes

wrong foot 90
What does it mean: bad omen

clean rags 83
Meaning of the dream: fluctuating fortune

dirty cloth 16
Description: processing projects

share 64
Interpretation of the dream: possible realizations

prepare a rag 13
Translation: progress in personal affairs

earrings 52
Dream description: voltage of short duration

season with rag 54
Meaning: needs of relatives

share heritage 15
Translation of the dream: possible realizations

Stake leg 18
Interpretation: intimate aspirations

share litigants 29
Sense of the dream: Deception woman

fraction country 56
What does it mean: petty quarrels

earrings fake 76
Meaning of the dream: Closing activities

dangling earrings 2
Description: voltage of short duration

donate earrings 7
Interpretation of the dream: to strengthen relations

share money 26
Translation: heavy labors

Stake meat 43
Dream description: thwarted love

stake bat 6
Meaning: wealth, fortune

cash share 72
Translation of the dream: Critical to Avoid

antique earrings 58
Interpretation: difficulties to be overcome

modern earrings 19
Sense of the dream: emotional needs

buy earrings 14
What does it mean: extravagant ideas

lose earrings 63
Meaning of the dream: financial fluctuations

wear earrings 19
Description: need for a greater commitment

silver earrings 10
Interpretation of the dream: malevolent judgments