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Left elbow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream left elbow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

broken elbow 11
Meaning of the dream: adaptability to the environment

elbow plaster 43
Description: report countered

elbow raise 69
Interpretation of the dream: willingness weak

swollen elbow 39
Translation: bad speculation

elbow 7
Dream description: frankness and spontaneity

injured elbow 61
Meaning: false security

bandaged elbow 23
Translation of the dream: suffering durable

elbow patch 29
Interpretation: goodwill

tattoo on his left arm 66
Sense of the dream: big changes

Left deputy 35
What does it mean: impending problems

bald at the left 20
Meaning of the dream: losses

left 76
Description: instinctive choice

turn left 12
Interpretation of the dream: secret fears

left hand 65
Translation: betrayal of love

wrong foot 90
Dream description: bad omen

nudge 9
Meaning: new energy

sharp bend 20
Translation of the dream: a change you make suffer

nudge home 76
Interpretation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

elbows with sores 55
Sense of the dream: contrariness

ulcers in the arms or elbows 5
What does it mean: boredom, sadness, loss of time and goods

leave the wife or husband 41
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

duped her husband 72
Description: slander

sew a dress 31
Interpretation of the dream: suspects

fondle her husband 33
Translation: Safety in love

accusing her husband 24
Dream description: haughtiness

angry with parents 6
Meaning: Next satisfaction

album 23
Translation of the dream: slander

photo albums 32
Interpretation: humanitarianism

album of memories 66
Sense of the dream: understanding in love

scroll album 5
What does it mean: being conquered

give away album 51
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation

away from spouses 29
Description: disappointments in love

wrangle with her husband 27
Interpretation of the dream: perseverance in love

sew on a button 81
Translation: vain search for an ideal

grumble with parents 52
Dream description: understanding in love

counterclockwise around 69
Meaning: someone is imposing something that you do not like

dinner with her husband 46
Translation of the dream: threads to avoid

call her husband 19
Interpretation: lasting impressions

condescension towards her husband 77
Sense of the dream: unhappy love

confide in her husband 36
What does it mean: ability to adapt

counsel with the husband 9
Meaning of the dream: private life difficult

console the husband 21
Description: projects that fade

conversing with her husband 53
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory character

her husband cruel 32
Translation: tranquility and profits

sew 42
Dream description: suspects

sew dress 24
Meaning: shyness and lack of confidence

sew your own kit 47
Translation of the dream: insights incorrect

sewing trousers 36
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

dinner with parents 76
Sense of the dream: want made

defame her husband 18
What does it mean: knowledge ambiguous

unravel balls 47
Meaning of the dream: frankness and spontaneity

discord between spouses 75
Description: tightening of relations

thimble 68
Interpretation of the dream: important occasion that escapes for little forethought