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Laundry rope. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream laundry rope. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

laundry 81
Meaning of the dream: You are overcoming old problems

do laundry 77
Description: physical force

dirty laundry 81
Interpretation of the dream: malicious gossip

laundry hanging 47
Translation: malignancy on your account

rattling off a laundry 40
Dream description: inconsistency in work

pile of laundry 17
Meaning: uncontrolled impulsiveness

laundry list 70
Translation of the dream: worldly success

Note the laundry 85
Interpretation: objectivity of judgment

laundry soap 70
Sense of the dream: propitious meetings

rinse laundry 88
What does it mean: momentary melancholy

servant who does the laundry 34
Meaning of the dream: pleasant events

tablecloth laundry 19
Description: prosperity and health

stained laundry 44

laundry in the sun 28

laundry dried 65

laundry to be ironed 87

foil laundry 3

laundry handkerchief 6

Steam Laundry 86

modern laundry 70

Shoveler laundry 49

cauldron of lye laundry 48
Description: sorrow or disputes short family

laundress leading laundry 22

rope 9
Translation: the most serious offense and Free

new rope 6
Dream description: industrious tireless

old rope 65
Meaning: good position

climbing a rope 16
Translation of the dream: bad loans

dance on the rope 11
Interpretation: deal unproductive

hemp rope 8
Sense of the dream: important new relationships

sackcloth rope 14
What does it mean: discontent and nervousness

rope metal 54
Meaning of the dream: embarrassments and troubles

steel rope 26
Description: fight with opponents

tight rope 43
Interpretation of the dream: improvements location

slack rope 51
Translation: exploitation by relatives

long rope 69
Dream description: original ideas

rope shaft 53
Meaning: devotion to family

rope mooring 54
Translation of the dream: novelties from afar

rope mountain 67
Interpretation: loyalty and kindness

tying with a rope 30
Sense of the dream: sense of duty

cut the rope 11
What does it mean: Reports inconstant

Tie a rope 32
Meaning of the dream: selfishness and cunning

buy the rope 32
Description: shady business

dancer rope 46
Interpretation of the dream: good mood

rope route 54
Translation: reputation compromised

wet rope 47
Dream description: mobility reports

rope bells 53
Meaning: favored career

cut a rope 12
Translation of the dream: bond painful

stand on a rope 48
Interpretation: inner resources

jump rope 32
Sense of the dream: generous impulses

rope ladder 12
What does it mean: great emotions

pull the rope 4
Meaning of the dream: expectations disappointed

head of a rope 18

straw rope 71

asphyxiated with rope 67

rope to the vessel 35

playing rope 3

Firefighter's rope 64

clock rope 56

rope maker 63

Rope du masons 22

39 - Smorfia classic: the rope in her throat 39

Property manager senior 21
Description: vivacity of ideas

property administrator 4
Interpretation of the dream: need for new responsibilities

tie ropes 54
Translation: new responsibilities

Church property 45
Dream description: Economic instability

government property 88
Meaning: need for aid

bees that make honey on your property 8
Translation of the dream: spirit of consideration, eloquence and total success of your business and your projects

grope in the darkness 1
Interpretation: you will be well judged

guts to make ropes 60
Sense of the dream: happiness and luck

share a property 9
What does it mean: original ideas

inherit property 41
Meaning of the dream: sacrifice honored

ropes of ships 13
Description: novellas coming debtors or correspondents

ropes from ship 70
Interpretation of the dream: news of those who do not make time to live

ropes and cords 20
Translation: embarrassments and effort

ropes and cords of hemp 8
Dream description: prosperity that declines

ropes and cables, musical instrument 31
Meaning: sadness