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Old stray. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream old stray. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

old stray 44
Meaning of the dream: contrasts passengers

collect a stray 67
Description: rupture of relations

bra old 28
Interpretation of the dream: strange but brilliant ideas

stray dog 50
Translation: lucrative job

old softened 7
Dream description: melancholy passing

old mattress 40
Meaning: advice to accept

vagabond old 49
Translation of the dream: new agreements

pickpocket old 56
Interpretation: gossip of neighbors

stray goat 37
Sense of the dream: missed opportunity

old cardboard 87
What does it mean: aid of an elderly

saddled old 63
Meaning of the dream: excellent earnings

King old 18
Description: major gains

old carpet 44
Interpretation of the dream: concerns passing

old cheese 64
Translation: conquest of goods

old drowned 12
Dream description: achievement of ideals

old hunchback 10
Meaning: fortune

old world 36
Translation of the dream: attention to friendships

Doctor old 4
Interpretation: opposition passing

old wanderer 77
Sense of the dream: disappointment and dejection

old in prison 86
What does it mean: thoughts of revenge

old porter 33
Meaning of the dream: presumption

old priest 78
Description: altruism

coat old 27
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

old abbot 38
Translation: eventful period

old servant 82
Dream description: need for sacrifices

old saddened 84
Meaning: tests friendship

seer old 85
Translation of the dream: cautious

seller old 3
Interpretation: impatience from curb

old gramophone 50
Sense of the dream: happiness

old laughing 77
What does it mean: happiness and longevity

florist old 79
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing experience

old surgeon 9
Description: fear and distrust

petticoat old 6
Interpretation of the dream: useless remorse

old with beard 81
Translation: bodes

gallant old 55
Dream description: greed and exploitation

old beggar 88
Meaning: excellent prospects

old diplomat 53
Translation of the dream: good health

Prince old 55
Interpretation: generous gesture to a friend

old violinist 74
Sense of the dream: happy occasion

old hospice 41
What does it mean: gradual improvements

old chicken 88
Meaning of the dream: need to actively influence the way situations

old dead 34
Description: next advantages

container old 4
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

old flag 81
Translation: deep sorrow

old wine 50
Dream description: efforts of will to be done

old 89
Meaning: Good news

peasant old 10
Translation of the dream: violent passion

old secretive 37
Interpretation: tips to consider

old worker 58
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

monkey old 37
What does it mean: circumstances of fortune

old submissive 84
Meaning of the dream: promising business

vocabulary old 70
Description: promising business

appearance of old 80
Interpretation of the dream: gratitude unjustified

fascinate old 7
Translation: unwillingness

old resigned 80
Dream description: supports

a repulsive old 57
Meaning: affirmation slow

segregate old 19
Translation of the dream: business to solve

old scandalous 70
Interpretation: indifference to others

stray 22
Sense of the dream: minor glitches