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Landlord mad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream landlord mad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

landlord thief 4

31 - Smorfia classic: the landlord 31

face a mad 19
Interpretation of the dream: persecution

mad son 89
Translation: situations to be resolved

mad wife 17

Burr mad dog 66
Meaning: scandal caused by chatter

kill for madness 61
Translation of the dream: improvised by friends

stocking handmade 1
Interpretation: ideas to be implemented

handmade pottery 20
Sense of the dream: suspicions justified

fending off a madman 26
What does it mean: mood swings

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Meaning of the dream: good news

tie a madman 51
Description: cunning and mischief

scratches made by a cat 24
Interpretation of the dream: disease and affliction for what receives

Madonna 60
Translation: blessings

madonna on the altar 51
Dream description: confident hope

madonna in procession 38
Meaning: proposals that are successful

madonna talking 64
Translation of the dream: delight

madonna with angels 61
Interpretation: order concerns

madhouse 45
Sense of the dream: family relationships stormy

madhouse with madmen 60
What does it mean: confused

empty madhouse 13
Meaning of the dream: concerns passing

visit the madhouse 79
Description: conflicts with superiors

dying man who made his will 8
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with family

kill a madman 7
Translation: bitter consequences

madapolam (fabric) 71
Dream description: much work ahead

naked see a beautiful and well-made 79
Meaning: great sorrows

hear declaim madrigal (poetry) 17
Translation of the dream: You do good impression with your superiors

insanity or madness 54
Interpretation: worth suffering

fall into madness 6
Sense of the dream: longevity

made of a city 73
What does it mean: definitive agreements

made of a fortress 38
Meaning of the dream: a lot of movement

8 - Smorfia classic: Madonna 8

strangle to madness 46
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen events

tribe of nomads 53
Translation: passing infatuation

tumult of madmen 52
Dream description: inner conflict

venerate the Madonna 50
Meaning: great fortune

water of the Madonna 22

kiss madonna 47

Nail handmade 38

effigy of madonna 3

made pitiful 5

made Lord 2

madonna with flowers 71

madonna with votes 70

madhouse go 87

madhouse go out with 81

mantle of madonna 6

cardigan handmade 62

nail machinemade 19

unmade army 81

wreathe madonnas 8

unmade bed 81

madman who scandalizes 15