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Mad funeral. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mad funeral. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

go to a funeral 27
Meaning of the dream: sadness unjustified

poor funeral 27
Description: loss of relatives or friends

religious funeral 86
Interpretation of the dream: new energy

funeral of a relative 19
Translation: danger of disgrace

celebrate a funeral 19
Dream description: unforeseen event

solemn funeral 9
Meaning: contrasts continue

funeral 55
Translation of the dream: danger

royal funeral 66
Interpretation: opposition in the family

funeral of a stranger 77
Sense of the dream: slander, deaf scams

funeral for a friend 24
What does it mean: unforeseen event

attend a funeral 39
Meaning of the dream: misfortune and pain

priest at a funeral 86
Description: new energy

Carmelite at a funeral 54
Interpretation of the dream: wealth

parish priest at a funeral 86
Translation: renewed vitality

funeral elegy 38
Dream description: obstinacy in resolutions

funeral of a relative or close friend 4
Meaning: honor wealth ance advantageous marriage

funeral wallpaper 90
Translation of the dream: abandonment of projects

pompous funeral 30
Interpretation: small solvable problems

funeral notice 31
Sense of the dream: secret enemy harmful

day funeral 24
What does it mean: gain and well-paid job

funeral wreath 27
Meaning of the dream: unexpected visit

funeral apparatus 73
Description: sentimental melancholy

funeral oration 5
Interpretation of the dream: You lose a friend

Tape funeral wreath 6
Translation: Late remorse

funeral decorations 66
Dream description: harmony

funeral service 84
Meaning: inner turmoil

Funeral Mass 53
Translation of the dream: penis overcome

mad wife 17
Interpretation: limited benefits

the crazy woman 27
Sense of the dream: birth of a child will gain celebrity

crazy crying 15
What does it mean: welcome gift

funeral procession 83
Meaning of the dream: a firm resolve

Councilor crazy 42
Description: friendship in danger

kleptomaniac crazy 90
Interpretation of the dream: you have false friends

funeral orations 29
Translation: important relationships

ornamental funerary 49
Dream description: loyalty recognized

dirge 82
Meaning: gains with foreign

crazy dancing 81
Translation of the dream: you have to overcome your shyness

crazy racing 19
Interpretation: contrasts passengers

hearse 90
Sense of the dream: sequence of events

mad son 89
What does it mean: situations to be resolved

face a mad 19
Meaning of the dream: persecution

crazy street 13
Description: talk out of envy

crazy man 88
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant ideas

crazy nephew 5
Translation: tranquility of mind

Crazy tied 66
Dream description: instant results

crazy screaming 42
Meaning: exhibitionism counterproductive

crazy singing 26
Translation of the dream: shyness to win

crazy laughing 78
Interpretation: projects to be postponed

grinder crazy 7
Sense of the dream: You receive major aid

crazy hunter 66
What does it mean: treachery

madman who scandalizes 15
Meaning of the dream: tough business

crazy furious 60
Description: rupture of relations

run like crazy 80
Interpretation of the dream: seductive promises

crazy spinster 39
Translation: next wedding