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Land fields hands. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream land fields hands. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fields 40
Meaning of the dream: luck in marriage but also sorrow, disease

devastate fields 22
Description: financial worries

wander fields 2
Interpretation of the dream: good prediction

irrigate fields 90
Translation: good luck

flooding of fields 9

guardian fields 58

hoist fields 44

leveling fields 61

curb fields 76

raking fields 24
What does it mean: make better use of your skills

own land 76
Meaning of the dream: irrepressible vitality

land 11
Description: protection and affection will come from a person close

amassing land 57
Interpretation of the dream: support to be given to relatives

land measure 35
Translation: constancy in work

redeem land 39
Dream description: accentuated selfishness

pave land 46
Meaning: extravagant ideas

swallows land 45
Translation of the dream: wisdom of the groom or the bride

uncultivated land 5
Interpretation: economic concerns

land sown 22
Sense of the dream: benefits from work

collect land 16
What does it mean: exceptional strength

assess land 74
Meaning of the dream: inner satisfaction

sell land 2
Description: tension and concerns

grassy land 43
Interpretation of the dream: happy omen for the dreamer

purchase of land 14

sinking of land 84

opening of land 27

glass of land 83

of land subsidence 86

taproot of land 12

flooding of land 53

bequest of land 67

land snail 56

Holy Land 5

settle land 87

mortgage of land 43

barter of land 48

see a boatman on land or by boat 77
Translation of the dream: Good news

pilgrimage to the holy land 39
Interpretation: change of position

see the land sown with millet 13
Sense of the dream: great riches

land in a desert island 8
What does it mean: heartbreak

live on the fat of the land 51
Meaning of the dream: danger of exploitation

look at your hands 26
Description: infirmity

see hands 28
Interpretation of the dream: honors

hands 5
Translation: Fortunately incoming

saying hello with your hands 2
Dream description: brilliant statement

put your hands down 5
Meaning: fatality

abrasion hands 37
Translation of the dream: sad news

raise your hands 10
Interpretation: tenacity in completing new commitments

dry hands 3
Sense of the dream: false

burning hands 10
What does it mean: excessive dynamism

scar on his hands 81
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

freezing hands 77
Description: lack of courage

chilblains on hands 15
Interpretation of the dream: deception by a woman