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Fields burning buildings. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Fields burning buildings. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

devastate fields 22
Meaning of the dream: financial worries

raking fields 24
Description: make better use of your skills

irrigate fields 90
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

fields 40
Translation: luck in marriage but also sorrow, disease

hoist fields 44
Dream description: treachery

curb fields 76
Meaning: You win your battles

guardian fields 58
Translation of the dream: Fortunately passing

wander fields 2
Interpretation: good prediction

leveling fields 61
Sense of the dream: strange friendships

painting buildings 13
What does it mean: intense period of challenges

buildings 29
Meaning of the dream: you ll soon have to fight with many annoyances

flooding of fields 9
Description: instability and inconstancy

old buildings 13
Interpretation of the dream: contempt

sell buildings 43
Translation: decisions to ponder

oil fields 5
Dream description: you think you've got what flights at work

burning perfumes 44
Meaning: responsibilities rejected

burning house 30
Translation of the dream: news from people far away

see burning torches in the hands of others 71
Interpretation: You discover the misdeeds that they will find their punishment, for how cunning you take to avoid it

burning animals 24
Sense of the dream: lack of organization

burning lips 39
What does it mean: compromising relationship

flame of burning 5
Meaning of the dream: successful business

burning children 18
Description: unpleasant criticism

burning in person 8
Interpretation of the dream: constancy

alteration burning thirst 20
Translation: sadness

burning trousers 3
Dream description: You get mad

wood-burning kitchen 18
Meaning: unwarranted fear

burning to the tongue 20
Translation of the dream: protection from family

burning with food 30
Interpretation: lack of diplomacy

burning eyes 20
Sense of the dream: freedom from annoying people

center field 36
What does it mean: Be like everyone in life must have an opportunity

City on fire 63
Meaning of the dream: alarming news

burning oil 86
Description: caution at work

burn 33
Interpretation of the dream: changes

race in flames 56
Translation: run your enemies

surveyor in flames 19
Dream description: considerable fortune

castle in flames 73
Meaning: nervousness accentuated

flooded field 30
Translation of the dream: patience with the children

damned in flames 18
Interpretation: jealousies and turmoil

Devil in flames 6
Sense of the dream: serious misfortune

Hague in flames 38
What does it mean: considerable fortune

building on fire 64
Meaning of the dream: Lost Illusions

watering a field 66
Description: good business

hoeing the field 35
Interpretation of the dream: clashes of views with your loved one

hut in flames 8
Translation: to avert danger

fleet in flames 70
Dream description: emotional states to control

bed in flames 42
Meaning: delusions of grandeur

burn dishes 76
Translation of the dream: coherence in

burn stubble 60
Interpretation: delicate feelings

burn oil 71
Sense of the dream: gratitude unjustified

burn handkerchief 70
What does it mean: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm