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Lamb pink. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lamb pink. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pink coral 59
Meaning of the dream: Negative thoughts

geranium pink 35
Description: aid on a long journey

pink clouds 6
Interpretation of the dream: sweetness

donate pink 46
Translation: love, affection

pink dried 60
Dream description: love uncertain

prick with pink 6
Meaning: small problems to be reckoned with

pink chapel 51
Translation of the dream: excessive confidentiality

powder pink 42
Interpretation: dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

pink ribbon 10
Sense of the dream: projects contrasted

pink apron 79
What does it mean: new working relationships

Book pink 14
Meaning of the dream: attitudes inconsistent

pink muslin 82
Description: precipitous actions

lamb 5
Interpretation of the dream: patience

little lamb 1
Translation: loss to the game

lamb big 9
Dream description: welcome event

lean lamb 90
Meaning: new pleasure

lamb fat 17
Translation of the dream: false security

lamb alive 12
Interpretation: jealousy tormenting

dead lamb 9
Sense of the dream: protection

lamb cooked 18
What does it mean: life long

lamb gone bad 40
Meaning of the dream: unexpected increase of fortune

eat lamb 31
Description: tears and sighs

kill a lamb 5
Interpretation of the dream: torment, boredom and sadness

brain lamb 18
Translation: instant results

lamb pluck 76
Dream description: serious disappointments

legs of lamb 63
Meaning: inner conflict

fourth lamb 83
Translation of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

roasted lamb 22
Interpretation: bad omen

Lamb grazing 67
Sense of the dream: period that you are carefree

Easter lamb 6
What does it mean: great future

fried lamb 57
Meaning of the dream: period of social unrest

lamb broth 49
Description: rims are handled by someone

guts of lamb 83
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels in love

lamb's liver 60
Translation: trying to keep calm

sauce of lamb 69
Dream description: stressful time

Fricassee of lamb 84
Meaning: economic failings

Shepherd with lamb 48
Translation of the dream: moment of mental weakness

ewe with lamb 5
Interpretation: joys family

breast-feed lambs 15
Sense of the dream: fear of deception

lambs in the country 1
What does it mean: tranquility, calm

buy lambs 17
Meaning of the dream: amazement

lambs grazing or dormant 5
Description: sudden fright

possess a good number of lambs 56
Interpretation of the dream: profit and consolation

lambs leaping 56
Translation: good wishes

find lambs 40
Dream description: process gained

have kids or lambs 54
Meaning: consolation

have many sheep or lambs 15
Translation of the dream: profit and wealth

slaughter lambs 15
Interpretation: incoming correspondence

flayed lambs 64
Sense of the dream: loyalty in friendship

lambasted 52
What does it mean: useful proposal