Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

join a crime

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: join a crime

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15 join a crime
physical ailments

28 join

36 join a conspiracy

13 join a party
favors required

28 join a project
happiness satisfied

77 join a meeting
affront to receive

25 join a sect
discord in the family

20 join a strike
probability of changes

5 join an obscene act
financial losses

67 join two planks of wood
state of fatigue

57 take on a crime

66 crime
Wealth and Happiness

49 facilitate a crime
pleasant event

9 make a crime
quarrels and concerns

74 partner in crime
someone is having a negative influence on you

3 confess a crime
Passion for the game

41 consume a crime
betrayals and fights

63 political crime
business cheated

55 crime of passion
lack of serenity

13 report a crime
ties earnest

66 lead to crime
decisive action

80 organize a crime
serious concerns

16 repent of a crime
spirit of domination

47 design a crime
danger of leakage

13 commit a crime
multiple difficulty

17 crime of slander
obstacles to overcome

53 crime of blood
rebellion useless

32 common crime
financial problems to be solved

26 crime punishable
program to change

68 crime unpunished
Contrast irreparable

48 exculpate himself of a crime
sadness and isolation

26 discover a crime
vain hopes

72 simulate a crime
incomprehension affective

16 criminal attorney
union mismatched

9 criminal bath
sorrows from distant relatives

70 criminal case
unchallenged authority

75 crew of criminals
conquests in love

56 criminal conviction
offenses retracted

54 declare their crimes
momentary difficulties

27 see several criminals
visits to many people of knowledge

19 criminal trial
nervous tension

30 joining a sect
speculations very risky and dangerous

22 Criminal Court
Decision to be taken