Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

join a project

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: join a project

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28 join a project
happiness satisfied

1 project
try your luck in unsuitable location

28 join

21 join seven

23 draft a project

17 consent to a project
lack of energy

84 accurate project
small defeat

36 join a conspiracy

15 join a crime
physical ailments

13 join a party
favors required

77 join a meeting
affront to receive

25 join a sect
discord in the family

73 mix a project
imprudence dangerous

8 communicate a project
new social relations

84 improve project
easy discouragement

11 a rational project
many contrasts

50 realize a project
desire for freedom

18 revive a project
Good ideas

20 join a strike
probability of changes

43 study a project
spirit of contradiction

55 join the militia

86 approving project

43 join the club

5 join an obscene act
financial losses

67 join two planks of wood
state of fatigue

20 shelve projects
dangerous temptations

38 grenade projectile

11 projectile rocket
illusion of love

30 joining a sect
speculations very risky and dangerous

73 joining sleeve