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Influential men. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream influential men. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

influential people 62
Meaning of the dream: do not feel that confidence in the love that you had before

encampment 66
Description: hard times

encampment of soldiers 22
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

squabbling about women 74
Translation: good news

shorten a garment 67
Dream description: intemperance

grant instruments 31
Meaning: difficult adventure

fit a garment 29
Translation of the dream: change of heart

adapt to an environment 42
Interpretation: new openings in the labor

meeting of women 44
Sense of the dream: mischief discovery

entrust an assignment 10
What does it mean: ruin avoided

crowding of men 33
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment of desires

crowding of women 13
Description: betrayal of friends

crowds of firemen 76
Interpretation of the dream: concerns family

release a recommended 9
Translation: happy news coming

employment agency 41
Dream description: new work assignment

tormentor that torture 27
Meaning: male admiration

incite women 1
Translation of the dream: insult received

incite men 18
Interpretation: good luck

harboring men 6
Sense of the dream: admiration for the elderly

harboring women 57
What does it mean: resistance to fatigue

ensign of the regiment 43
Meaning of the dream: small miseries

attach a document 17
Description: contrasts in love

alignment 31
Interpretation of the dream: provocation of neighbors

alignment of soldiers 15
Translation: provocation of neighbors

alignment of trees 63
Dream description: delays in correspondence

alignment of schoolchildren 16
Meaning: dangerous hazards

alignment of religious 80
Translation of the dream: defeat

alignment of cards 45
Interpretation: excessive tiredness

alignment of books 31
Sense of the dream: contrasts in love

men stay 6
What does it mean: admiration for the elderly

Women stay 57
Meaning of the dream: increased resistance to fatigue

stretch the garment 90
Description: amorous deceptions

wrangle with women 80
Interpretation of the dream: consistency in the principles

wrangle with men 39
Translation: affirmation of his ideas

height of an embankment 13
Dream description: businesses difficult

a highsounding statement 43
Meaning: lack of control

Women in high places 16
Translation of the dream: rivalry in love

environment 84
Interpretation: new openings in the labor

environment friendly 4
Sense of the dream: sentimental melancholy

environment infamous 61
What does it mean: faithfulness in love

cold environment 38
Meaning of the dream: arrogance of relatives

luxury environment 27
Description: bad speculations

dirty environment 55
Interpretation of the dream: revenge on enemies

clean environment 81
Translation: exaggerations

dark environment 8
Dream description: laziness harmful