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Improving health. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream improving health. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

health 13
Meaning of the dream: bad omen for the sick

restoring health 18
Description: physical discomfort

decayed health 20
Interpretation of the dream: serenity conquered

ruining health 3
Translation: New Jobs

recover in health 81
Dream description: malaise of short duration

deteriorating health 57
Meaning: inheritance

Marshal health 19
Translation of the dream: speculation success

worry about someone's health 35
Interpretation: tension in the family

attention to their own health 4
Sense of the dream: excellent recovery

home health 24
What does it mean: secret ambitions

private health 26
Meaning of the dream: misgivings

health attestation 23
Description: you're too busy

health care reform 25
Interpretation of the dream: Failure of a deal

women's health 35
Translation: coming dangers

improve project 84
Dream description: easy discouragement

improve the breed 28
Meaning: unexpected success

health care bill 21
Translation of the dream: moments of despair

improve their work 71
Interpretation: careerism

acclamation 48
Sense of the dream: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

fight for the healthy 3
What does it mean: infirmity

angel for the healthy 67
Meaning of the dream: consolation, good news

improve 19
Description: listen to the advice of friends

house of correction 9
Interpretation of the dream: deception on the part of a man

improvise 2
Translation: fertile imagination

make perfect 34
Dream description: listen to the advice of friends

linen mended 28
Meaning: end of a concern

salute the flag 54
Translation of the dream: decisions well directed

retouch drawings 68
Interpretation: selfishness

retouch pictures 21
Sense of the dream: love of mystery

body organs healthy 10
What does it mean: wealth

hygienist 39
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant discussions

reforming military 45
Description: contrasts of love

healthy 47
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

reforming laws 80
Translation: painful decision

healthy teacher 78
Dream description: unstable relationships

be convalescing 4
Meaning: success in the profession

assisting convalescents 42
Translation of the dream: changing situations

hygienist exaggerated 87
Interpretation: projects that fail

healthy dog 17
Sense of the dream: affection won

be healthy 29
What does it mean: inner security

healthy woman 45
Meaning of the dream: bitterness of heart

healthy child 62
Description: new hope

healthy lover 3
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and recognition

enter convalescence 81
Translation: change in circumstances

hygienist maniac 54
Dream description: loss of friends

convalescent visit a child 27
Meaning: important trip

convalescent visit a man 75
Translation of the dream: prodigality exaggerated

convalescent visit a friend 67
Interpretation: Acute sensitivity

convalescent visit a woman 51
Sense of the dream: obstacles and hostilities

dinner with relatives 11
What does it mean: lack of confidence

dinner with men 8
Meaning of the dream: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Description: Failure of a deal

dinner with military 4
Interpretation of the dream: Tangible evidence of friendship

lunch with friends 82
Translation: momentary satisfaction

dinner with the children 48
Dream description: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Meaning: self-confidence