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Loss of health. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream loss of health. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

health 13
Meaning of the dream: bad omen for the sick

worry about someone's health 35
Description: tension in the family

attention to their own health 4
Interpretation of the dream: excellent recovery

restoring health 18
Translation: physical discomfort

recover in health 81
Dream description: malaise of short duration

ruining health 3
Meaning: New Jobs

home health 24
Translation of the dream: secret ambitions

decayed health 20
Interpretation: serenity conquered


private health 26
Sense of the dream: misgivings

women's health 35
What does it mean: coming dangers

health attestation 23
Meaning of the dream: you're too busy

Marshal health 19
Description: speculation success

deteriorating health 57
Interpretation of the dream: inheritance

health care bill 21
Translation: moments of despair

health care reform 25
Dream description: Failure of a deal

loss 78
Meaning: uncertainties

grieve for a loss 27
Translation of the dream: solution of contrasts

exchange loss 60
Interpretation: tranquility in the family

dismay at a loss 21
Sense of the dream: happy optimism

despair for loss 31
What does it mean: no meeting tomorrow

crazy for a loss 25
Meaning of the dream: new perspectives

cry for a loss 8
Description: great resignation

loss horse 1
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friends

regret for a loss 16
Translation: excellent results

resign themselves to a loss 65
Dream description: sensitivity

saddened by loss 29
Meaning: readiness and intuition

recover from a loss 73
Translation of the dream: favorable agreements

upset about a loss 34
Interpretation: discovery of a secret

suffer a loss 81
Sense of the dream: extraordinary strength

loss of a precious 65
What does it mean: very sad period

dried for loss 59
Meaning of the dream: exaggeration and nervousness

slumped to loss 25
Description: desire for independence

big loss 6
Interpretation of the dream: awards in the work

loss of a friend or relative 64
Translation: infidelity on the part of the person you love

weight loss diet 42
Dream description: success in business

healthy waters 1
Meaning: next cure for your suffering

angel for the healthy 67
Translation of the dream: consolation, good news

healthy dog 17
Interpretation: affection won

colossus 11
Sense of the dream: ruin next

fight for the healthy 3
What does it mean: infirmity

see demons (dreamed by healthy) 33
Meaning of the dream: diseases

orange blossom 37
Description: reforms and settling

see healthy gut 68
Interpretation of the dream: good health

father healthy 54
Translation: protection and support

see healthy spleen and dilated 2
Dream description: party, dance, walk and entertainment of all sorts

body organs healthy 10
Meaning: wealth

healthy voice 55
Translation of the dream: businesses fortunate