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Hug a rabbit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hug a rabbit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to hug 58
Meaning of the dream: need for affection

hug a friend 48
Description: novelty favorable

hug a priest 13
Interpretation of the dream: consolation

hug a grandchild 40
Translation: Escape from reality

hug your spouse 6
Dream description: undue reliance

hug a relative 45
Meaning: good organization

hug a stranger 90
Translation of the dream: next trip

died hug 29
Interpretation: Long and difficult negotiations

hug a cheetah 84
Sense of the dream: need to protect and help someone

rabbit 20
What does it mean: naive and sincere person

White Rabbit 39
Meaning of the dream: Good initiatives

gray rabbit 13
Description: disagreements over money

red rabbit 85
Interpretation of the dream: dedication to a loved one

black rabbit 45
Translation: disagreement with a friend

rabbit eating 34
Dream description: excessive pride

Dead Rabbit 73
Meaning: reproaches justified

kill the rabbit 14
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

raise a rabbit 84
Interpretation: failure to repair

eat the rabbit 27
Sense of the dream: wrong decision

rabbit meat 8
What does it mean: social life interesting

rabbit skin 56
Meaning of the dream: you're feeling particularly fragile

hugging a man 6
Description: faithfulness

hugging children 47
Interpretation of the dream: next novelty

rabbi 59
Translation: joy in family

rabbi in the synagogue 9
Dream description: Good news

rabbi who preaches 5
Meaning: advantageous deals

Rabbi reading 20
Translation of the dream: difficulties ironed out

Rabbi discussing 64
Interpretation: momentary affliction

talk with Rabbi 18
Sense of the dream: deep inner satisfaction

flayed rabbits 60
What does it mean: good solutions

synagogue with Rabbi 54
Meaning of the dream: support and protection

Carving rabbits 64
Description: affective egocentrism

hugs of lovers 8
Interpretation of the dream: wealth, treasures, visit to a superior to a lawyer, to a great

hugs of friends 23
Translation: proximity unwelcome

hugs animals 18
Dream description: obstinacy

hugs of children 7
Meaning: Good News

hugs mother 52
Translation of the dream: greed pleasures

hugs military 22
Interpretation: nervous breakdown

hugs monks 12
Sense of the dream: sensitive and touchy

hugs dead 17
What does it mean: happiness in love

hugs married 28
Meaning of the dream: curiosity

hugs quarrelsome 40
Description: anger and quarrels

hugs obscene 16
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with family

rabbinic bible 48
Translation: embarrassing choice

pack of rabbits 76
Dream description: new relationships

huge hat 89
Meaning: restless spirit

cage with rabbits 88
Translation of the dream: intellectual abilities

judging thug 81
Interpretation: ailment passenger

mob of thugs 26
Sense of the dream: spirit of adventure

caged rabbits 81
What does it mean: little desire to fight