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Hole in the suit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hole in the suit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

little hole 47
Meaning of the dream: prosperous business

plug a hole 4
Description: emotional arousal

hole 40
Interpretation of the dream: misfortune, bad luck

hole in front 15
Translation: fears for what will happen

fall into a hole 15
Dream description: disease

old suit 71
Meaning: seriousness of purpose

put in the hole 6
Translation of the dream: small problems to solve

hole dead 45
Interpretation: trip likely

make a hole 4
Sense of the dream: you are close to a legacy

ruining a suit 65
What does it mean: unnecessary fears

buy a suit 11
Meaning of the dream: specific ideas

red shrimp take the hole 42
Description: wrong operation

diver putting the suit 2
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing situation

donut with a hole 78
Translation: profitable activities

hole shrimp 36
Dream description: Discussions with an elderly person

delivering a suit 6
Meaning: interesting novelty

prompter in the hole 83
Translation of the dream: mental laziness

dig a hole 55
Interpretation: debts to pay

hole of crabs 61
Sense of the dream: family disgrace

asbestos suit 40
What does it mean: sweeping changes

wool suit 50
Meaning of the dream: new responsibilities

splash suit 2
Description: indiscretion of a friend

hole of the court 55
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

camouflage suit 42
Translation: Period of nervousness

fox hole 39
Dream description: loss of security

be in costume 5
Meaning: sincere affection

reception in costume 54
Translation of the dream: adventures passing

terno win 77
Interpretation: harbinger of doom

terno lose 56
Sense of the dream: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

wet suit 10
What does it mean: benefits

white attire 11
Meaning of the dream: circumstances of fortune

watering hole with birds 33
Description: momentary difficulties

watering hole with animals 81
Interpretation of the dream: something in your life does not go as you wanted

watering hole with horses 68
Translation: interesting journey

watering hole with oxen 54
Dream description: next aid

man's suit 16
Meaning: support to be given

spacesuit 15
Translation of the dream: novelty in the work

watering hole with poultry 81
Interpretation: deception of friends

dance costume 71
Sense of the dream: bad success of an idea

regional costume 79
What does it mean: imagination and fantasy

historical costume 43
Meaning of the dream: novelty favorable

costume 28
Description: surrounded by people dishonest

watering hole with men 56
Interpretation of the dream: nice meeting

swimsuit 8
Translation: great sensitivity

plunge in swimsuit 60
Dream description: desire for freedom

theatrical costume 29
Meaning: health uncertain

watering hole with women 17
Translation of the dream: desire to escape

masquerade costume 57
Interpretation: misunderstanding with an elderly person

watering hole with pigeons 6
Sense of the dream: mistrust and pessimism

diver who takes away the diving suit 11
What does it mean: resourcefulness

modern costume 67
Meaning of the dream: lack of real affection