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Hitting eye. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hitting eye. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

losing an eye 24
Meaning of the dream: legacy of more elderly relatives you

swaddle eye 65
Description: new initiatives

exercise the eye 72
Interpretation of the dream: inner resources

ulcer eye 4
Translation: need for caution

acuity of an eye 36
Dream description: obstacles in work

eye growing on head 36
Meaning: You lose sight

Cataract Eye 61
Translation of the dream: attend to the affairs

hitting a relative 18
Interpretation: injustice

eye patch 43
Sense of the dream: unexpected news

hitting an animal with a rifle shot 70
What does it mean: illness not serious but annoying

eye gouging 16
Meaning of the dream: you feel gratified at work

hitting a child 69
Description: critical to avoid

Sparkling Eye 33
Interpretation of the dream: superficial judgments

hit a stranger 28
Translation: litigiousness

needle with eye gold 26
Dream description: changes in position

eye operation 1
Meaning: bad intentions

hitting a woman 70
Translation of the dream: unstable character

see lightning fall without striking 1
Interpretation: exile or escape of the dreamer, especially if he occupies a rank or use considerable

hit a friend 22
Sense of the dream: intransigence and aggression

hit an armor 42
What does it mean: unrealizable projects

hit with a stick 19
Meaning of the dream: duplicity to a friend

eye socket 32
Description: something bothers you

evil eye 78
Interpretation of the dream: sudden problems

eye pain 24
Translation: illness of a family member

hit treacherously 58
Dream description: plot misleading

hit people 19
Meaning: severe pain

beat a woman 33
Translation of the dream: morbid imagination

hit with a barrage 63
Interpretation: contrasts serious

hit the street 72
Sense of the dream: resourcefulness excessive

dagger hit someone 3
What does it mean: vanquished foes

hit with the broom 1
Meaning of the dream: Councils concerned

hit 57
Description: you will be successful in love

knock someone 6
Interpretation of the dream: lack of prudence

beat women 45
Translation: extravagant ideas

beat eyelashes 32
Dream description: peace and security

bird hit the wing and shot down 41
Meaning: you have missed or will miss a promise

hit home 49
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

getting hit in bursts 60
Interpretation: harsh discipline

eyelashes 64
Sense of the dream: superficiality harmful

Fluxion eyes 64
What does it mean: reports to be reconnected

fight 28
Meaning of the dream: dispute and noise

knocking game 1
Description: substantial gains

beating children 89
Interpretation of the dream: neglected duties

beating a man 12
Translation: ostentation of virtue

beat animals 26
Dream description: violent passion

beating women 25
Meaning: disagreement in the family

beat 19
Translation of the dream: life of peace

hit a target 71
Interpretation: independence and originality

wand to beat 54
Sense of the dream: wealth

dagger being hit 7
What does it mean: news

hit back 29
Meaning of the dream: thoughts of revenge

beat men 18
Description: contrasts interest

knock on the window 85
Interpretation of the dream: tightening in love

beat herbs 80
Translation: infidelity

beat eardrums 15
Dream description: you defend yourself well