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Needle with eye gold. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream needle with eye gold. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

needle with eye gold 26
Meaning of the dream: changes in position

gold needle 51

needle 1
Interpretation of the dream: problems in love

broken needle 1
Translation: false friendship

needle bookbinder 7
Dream description: successfully countered

blunt needle 12
Meaning: disagreements loving

needle with thread 14
Translation of the dream: selfishness

needle syringe 2

embroidery needle 88

fine needle 16
What does it mean: lingering bitterness

Fork Gold 20
Meaning of the dream: breaking agreements

magnetic needle 25
Description: false security

drawer with gold 32

ulcer eye 4
Translation: need for caution

use a needle 24
Dream description: afflictions of love

raw gold 46
Meaning: uncertain events

Weigh Gold 15
Translation of the dream: fanciful dreams

trunk of gold 77

sale of gold 22
Sense of the dream: initiatives to be put off

lose a needle 28
What does it mean: doubt

goblets of gold 71
Meaning of the dream: excessive severity

foil with gold 74

Safe with gold 25

border of gold 72

looking for a needle 43
Dream description: restlessness and nervousness

admirer of gold 42
Meaning: period of reflection in love

gold snuff 51
Translation of the dream: need to economize

pot of gold 66
Interpretation: pipe dream

Sparkling Eye 33
Sense of the dream: superficial judgments

abundance of gold 55

bag with gold 90

Column Gold 86

pouring gold 89
Interpretation of the dream: new gains

pencil gold 29
Translation: to avoid misunderstandings

diamond set in gold 45
Dream description: requited love

look for gold 19
Meaning: futile illusions

gold powder 64
Translation of the dream: danger of deception

burnish gold 25

exercise the eye 72
Sense of the dream: inner resources

see the gold 45
What does it mean: sadness and melancholy

gold object 16
Meaning of the dream: decisions to return

gold bullion 20
Description: careless actions

coveting gold 31

pouch of gold 59
Translation: We will organize a short trip

inkwell gold 39
Dream description: opposition in the family

give gold 62
Meaning: family concerns

spur gold 51
Translation of the dream: great ambition

make a deal of gold 71
Interpretation: energy costs hurt

short of gold 33

gold lacing 13
What does it mean: opposition to a deal

Gold pledge 79

swaddle eye 65

gold lighter 19
Interpretation of the dream: happy reunion travel

gold tableware 26
Translation: secret ambitions

finding a needle 56
Dream description: adversity with a relative

lose gold 54
Meaning: professional life positive

Gold binocular 80

work in gold 49
Interpretation: avarice

thread a needle 38
Sense of the dream: infidelity

gold smuggling 64

tape on the gold 82

gold reliquary 49
Description: affliction of short duration

pierced with a needle 69
Interpretation of the dream: whims and fears

swimming in gold 35
Translation: waiting and uncertainty

gold coins 76
Dream description: important news

gold amulet 66
Meaning: falsehood