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Hit by a bullet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hit by a bullet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bullet being shot 57
Meaning of the dream: painful disease

see bullet in the air 70
Description: pitfalls

bullet 71
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

marble bullet 4
Translation: cooling of relations

bullet that enters the house 64
Dream description: when you realize you will be in danger too late

being hit by shrapnel 15
Meaning: bickering love

take a bullet in the hand 81
Translation of the dream: you re not running any risk

rifle bullet 60
Interpretation: ephemeral achievements

Bullet stone 18
Sense of the dream: obstacles that fall

gun bullet 10
What does it mean: to contain aggression

bite the bullet 7
Meaning of the dream: lack of maturity

dagger being hit 7
Description: news

being hit by stone 55
Interpretation of the dream: lack of balance

being hit by hail 19
Translation: melancholy passing

dagger hit someone 3
Dream description: vanquished foes

hit treacherously 58
Meaning: plot misleading

being hit by a cyclone 42
Translation of the dream: News coming soon

hit people 19
Interpretation: severe pain

hit the street 72
Sense of the dream: resourcefulness excessive

bomber struck 60
What does it mean: unexpected help from relatives

bird hit the wing and shot down 41
Meaning of the dream: you have missed or will miss a promise

hit it 87
Description: original ideas

Cannon ball 67
Interpretation of the dream: position to be clarified

seaplane hit 56
Translation: good wishes

cannonball test 25
Dream description: confidence misplaced

cannonball War 90
Meaning: Secret Revealed

bale of cotton 25
Translation of the dream: health recovered

bale of silk 5
Interpretation: friendships helpful

bale of rice 18
Sense of the dream: solicitude of relatives

hit a friend 22
What does it mean: intransigence and aggression

hit an armor 42
Meaning of the dream: unrealizable projects

hit with a barrage 63
Description: contrasts serious

hit with a stick 19
Interpretation of the dream: duplicity to a friend

hit with the broom 1
Translation: Councils concerned

being hit by a landslide 37
Dream description: false friendships

getting hit in bursts 60
Meaning: harsh discipline

hit home 49
Translation of the dream: overcome difficulties

Lead bullets 54
Interpretation: await good news

gunshot 45
Sense of the dream: success in work

grenade projectile 38
What does it mean: frights

loose cannon 52
Meaning of the dream: indefinite threat

bulletproof vest 64
Description: prudence and caution

ball tambourine 16
Interpretation of the dream: excellent prospects

bale of hemp 6
Translation: positive renewal

revive a ball 79
Dream description: strange situations

ball or shot 71
Meaning: time environment provided by the business because you will be in good shape is not rather careless and imprudent

bale of coffee 35
Translation of the dream: sadness lasting

bale of oakum 8
Interpretation: whims passengers

hit a target 71
Sense of the dream: independence and originality

hit back 29
What does it mean: thoughts of revenge

hit a stranger 28
Meaning of the dream: litigiousness

hit 57
Description: you will be successful in love

cannonball of joy 76
Interpretation of the dream: constructive efforts

be touched by bat 45
Translation: sudden misfortune

hit man 46
Dream description: unmet expectations

shot in the legs or being shot in the legs 56
Meaning: tensions or conflicts