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Hide a body. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream hide a body. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to hide 9
Meaning of the dream: fortune

hide money 26
Description: nervous tension

hide your wallet 56
Interpretation of the dream: disputes with employees

hide jewelery 62
Translation: speculations dangerous

hide letters 60
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

hide food 73
Meaning: depression

hide weapons 52
Translation of the dream: isolation and boredom

hide people 30
Interpretation: unnecessary controversy

hide soldiers 51
Sense of the dream: tightening of relations

hide prisoners 14
What does it mean: nagging problems

hide escapees 18
Meaning of the dream: widespread activity

hide lover 8
Description: struggles in family

hide the treasure 77
Interpretation of the dream: initiatives wrong

hide the truth 76
Translation: You have a weight on my conscience

hide silverware 1
Dream description: fear of losing something important in your life

hide pictures 80
Meaning: fear remembering something from the past

hide flaws 35
Translation of the dream: desire to feel more protected

hide theft 11
Interpretation: financial losses

hide the bread 46
Sense of the dream: basic needs of life

hide fruit 64
What does it mean: need sweetness

hide books 18
Meaning of the dream: fear of being judged by others

hide coins 4
Description: you do not trust the other

hide gold 19
Interpretation of the dream: you do not feel sure of yourself

hide for debts 28
Translation: guilt for something

hide for suspicion 10
Dream description: time when you are feeling under pressure

hide the use of drugs to someone 58
Meaning: your secrets will be discovered

hide stolen goods 76
Translation of the dream: bitterness and strife

body 32
Interpretation: your level of self-esteem

body needs 71
Sense of the dream: dangerous actions

body of a woman 39
What does it mean: successfully thwarted

exhume body 7
Meaning of the dream: success in difficult issues

full body 20
Description: brilliant success

freezing the body 57
Interpretation of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

small body 2
Translation: hidden enemies

medium body 20
Dream description: tough business

big body 9
Meaning: Understanding sentimental

dead body 23
Translation of the dream: joy and well-being

dance body 27
Interpretation: good health

scars on his body 18
Sense of the dream: you are over the trauma that made you suffer

scratching the body 87
What does it mean: dissatisfaction and insecurity

powder her body 76
Meaning of the dream: contrasts exceeded

organs of the body 21
Description: birth of a child

have pustules for the body 3
Interpretation of the dream: wealth in goods of the earth

X-ray body 7
Translation: external protection

body of a child 19
Dream description: duties to perform